There are monsters and they’re out to get you! Crypt TV brings Crypt Monsters, a show that brings the monster stories we know. Horror stories have never been so fun.

(Disclaimer: All videos are Rated SPG. So please, we advise all kids to watch the videos with your parents. It might give you nightmares!)

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Holidays means binge-watching our favorite shows and movies with the family. But sometimes, Christmas movies can be plain boring, especially if you’ve been watching the same shows and movie every single holiday. So if you’re feeling naughty and want to spice up your holidays, Crypt TV has Crypt Monsters for ya.


Crypt Monsters by Crypt TV showcases monster stories of sorts. It’s quite intriguing actually since they bring life to monsters that hide in plain sight. Their spin-offs of monster stories are unique and fresh. Personally, I’m not an avid fan of horror stuff. But I’ve been binge-watching Crypt Monsters like crazy. Their stories are unique and everything looks real. From the blood, the gore and the monsters, nothing came out short.

You know Creepypasta, right? Crypt Monsters brings Creepypasta to shame with their creations. I do love Creepypasta as a kid. But Crypt Monsters’ shown me that horror and monster stories can be more than just scary stories we read.

Crypt Monsters Holiday Specials

Since it’s the holiday season, Crypt Monsters is not left behind. They’ve created holiday monster videos that you will surely love! Here’s one, a Santa Claus spin-off, entitled ‘Milk and Cookies’.

If that’s Santa Claus, then no, thank you! I’m all good! But do you wanna know what happens to naughty kids during Christmas? Check it out below!

He’s a freaky-looking Santa. Christmas is ruined for me! So, the question is, have you been naughty or nice? (Just kidding!) Anyway, do you own any elf toys or elf dolls? Because if you do, you might want to throw it out, like right now. See the Elf on the Shelf video and maybe you’ll get to change your mind in keeping one.

Okay, that was… intense. And scary. I might need to watch videos of cute dogs just to cleanse my mind. So if you love Crypt Monsters and their amazing stories, be sure to check their Facebook page to get the latest updates. They post brand new episodes weekly. So spice up your holidays with horror feels! Things are about to get messy and scary.

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