If you love Scarlett Johanson as Black Widow, then you better prepare yourself for Cristine Reyes as Maria.

Viva Films dropped another movie trailer this month and it is definitely worth the wait. ‘Maria’ follows the story of a loving housewife seeking out for revenge after being hunted down by her past.

Cristine Reyes will play the gripping role of Maria. A former BlackRose assassin, Maria tried to escape her past to live a normal life as Lily. Things were going pretty smoothly for her. However, BlackRose discovered she’s still alive. Betrayed, BlackRose hunted down Maria. But the worst-case scenario happened and now Maria’s out for revenge.

Honestly, it’s not just the story itself that is interesting. Cristine playing as Maria herself was the cherry on top. The actress is knowns for her sexy and dramatic roles in both film and television. We’ve seen her play a seductress, an heir to a rich family, a girl from a poor background, and a funny hopeless romantic. She did star in a few action movies like but she never did action scenes. She’s more of a romance, drama, and comedy type of actress and Maria is her toughest role yet to date.

According to our sources, Cristine trained mixed martial arts for the movie. From just the trailer itself, Cristine is seeing showing off kick-ass fighting moves. And not only that, Christine’s totally ripped from all the training she had for ‘Maria’. So you can definitely expect that this movie won’t be half-assed.

‘Maria’ is directed by Pedring Lopez. Aside from Cristine, Maria will star Jennifer Lee, Ivan Padilla, Ronnie Lazaro, and KC Montero. The movie premieres on March 25 and releases in all nationwide theatres on March 27.

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