Our favorite killer buddy has had a major makeover, and we’re not exactly loving it.

It’s okay! Chucky’s a terrifying character, we’re not supposed to totally love him. The team had previously announced that they would indeed be making some changes to the doll, but we didn’t expect that he’d look like he had just gotten out of plastic surgery! Frankly, he looks even more terrifying this time! Check out the official trailer to see!

In a second trailer, they revealed Chucky’s bone-chilling voice and more killings. It gave us a better look at what the story will be about.


Chucky came back even uglier this time. I mean, we couldn’t argue that the first Chucky is terrifying, but there’s something so unnatural about the new Chucky that makes it even scarier. Frankly, I personally liked the first more. But only because I think that it was really something that a kid would want his parents to buy him for a toy. Well, before it transformed into a killer doll, that Buddi toy was cute!

In comparison to the new Chucky, I think that this one is a more realistic looking doll. By that I mean, it looks more like a doll than a grown man who got lip fillers. I mean, tell me why a mom would buy something that looks like this as a present.

If I had a child, that child would go screaming in fear.

Awesome plot

Not to speak too soon, we’ve only got a few glimpses, of course. And it seems, too, that there are more things worth waiting for in the movie other than Chucky’s slicked-back hair. Whatever realism the new Chucky doll lacked, the film made up for in its plot. Spirits possessing dolls through an ancient chant? Wack. We’re in 2019! The new film utilized a more realistic and up-to-date approach as to why these dolls killed people.

In the trailer, it was shown that there was something definitely going on with the Buddi doll in terms of manufacturing and advertisement. It’s not just one possessed doll this time, it seems, but widely manufactured killer dolls. The trailer focused more on Andy (the name Andy always seem to go well with toys) and his family who were alarmed by the doll’s strange actions, and then the whole town. This would be mass bloody murder, definitely not kid-friendly.

Chucky has been a terror to us all since we were kids, and some of us even feared dolls ever since. So it’s really exciting to know that it’s getting a reboot! What did you think about Chucky’s new look? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!