Christmas is more FUN in the Philippines—even foreigners say so!


Christmas is literally around the corner, but according to this Christmas Ad by the DoT, it’s been Christmas in the Philippines since September. And well, they’re not wrong! So watch the video above, and let’s spread some Pinoy cheer!

Truth be told, how we spend Christmas here in the Philippines is truly something to be proud of. And although a one-minute video isn’t enough to fully explain the Filipino Christmas experience. Although, the DoT Christmas Ad came pretty close.

Christmas Ad DoT

So this video was done in collaboration with the YouTube channel, Lost In The Philippines. And it stars three foreigners, namely: Matt, Ed, and Ben. And their whole channel is dedicated to sharing their experiences and explorations here in our country. So this year, they’ve to teamed up with the Department of Tourism to explain just what it is that makes Christmas in the Philippines more FUN!

More lights, more lumpia, more Jose Mari Chan!

Christmas Ad DoT

Full disclosure, everything that was said in the Christmas Ad by the DoT is 100% accurate. So if you’ve never experienced Christmas in the Philippines, yes, we do start celebrating Christmas in September. And yes, we are obsessed with Christmas decorations. Not to mention that the official soundtrack of a Filipino Christmas is every Jose Mari Chan song. But aside from these shallow things, we as a people, make time for our family and friends. And when we do buy presents for the ones we love, it’s not about simply buying something. It’s about giving joy and love to the people that matter.

Overall, what genuinely makes our Filipino Christmas culture unique is brought about by our strong family ties. It’s our genuine desire to spend this time of the year with family and friends that makes it what it is. So don’t forget to keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season!

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So what did you think of this Christmas Ad by the DoT and Lost In The Philippines? Doesn’t it just make you proud to be a Filipino? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.