As Star City turned into ashes, we were left with nothing but fragments of memories of this once happy place.

When news broke of Star City getting caught in flames last night, we all knew it’ll be a tragic ending. And it did. According to Pasay City officials, the incident turned 90% of our beloved theme park into ashes.

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For those who have come to know and love Star City (including us), it’s a fact that every time we visit this fun-filled place, we’d surely go home tired–yet–with a silly contented smile on our faces. That’s why its goodbye was so ironic because it left us with nothing but a gaping hole inside our hearts.

We still remember very well how we would brave this theme park every holiday, knowing all too well that it would be jampacked with people. Despite the long lines, the sea of crowds, and the congested rides, it was all worth it! Because we were sure we’d get to bring home joyful memories from this place.

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And now, seeing the end of it, we can’t help but feel sentimental because it means that we can no longer bring back that part of our childhood.

So to pay tribute to this once happy place, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Taking a trip down memory lane

Star City began its humble days in 1991 as a pop-up carnival during the Christmas season. Throughout time and because of its accessibility and relatively cheap price, it secured a permanent spot in the hearts of people and in the city of Pasay. And let’s talk about the all-out experience you can have. There’s indoor games, outdoor attractions, shopping center, and built-in cafeteria. What else could you ask for?

Going back, we’ll surely miss Star City’s iconic attractions like Gabi ng Lagim, Bump Car Smash, Grand Carousel, Viking, Jungle Splash, Snow World and of course Giant Star Wheel.

Here are some photos of the attractions we can never see again:

In all honesty, we’re devasted by this news because Star City was and still is a very important place for us. But we still need to remember that with every goodbye comes also a new beginning. Even though it’s bittersweet, we need to end it here. Till we meet again, Star City–from all the kids and kids at heart whom you’ve made happy.

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