It came as a big shock when EXO’s Chen announced that he would be getting married and that a baby is on the way. Nevertheless, we’re happy for him!

Last January, EXO’s Chen took over Twitter and other social media sites when he announced that he is getting married. Moreover, he and his fiancée are even expecting a baby boy soon. This came as a big shock to his and his group’s fans – collectively known as EXO-Ls – but for the most part, they are happy for Chen and his soon-to-be-family.

However, it comes without saying that some toxic fans (most commonly Korean EXO-Ls) took the news negatively. Just check out a tweet from an EXO stan account below.

Somehow, they felt betrayed by Chen because of his relationship and so, they decided to boycott the idol’s activities. Check out a statement below from the collective of Korean EXO-Ls who wanted him out from the group.

“We have gone through many hardships since EXO’s debut and we have come to the conclusion that he is not fit for the group anymore. We are declaring our boycott against EXO’s Chen.”

Moreover, they said that they will be waiting for a statement from EXO’s label, SM Entertainment, to release a statement. Thankfully, they did just yesterday and to fans’ great relief, it’s in favor of EXO and Chen. Read their full announcement below.

The statement from SM Entertainment

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

This is a statement regarding the stance of EXO members and the agency regarding the future direction of EXO’s activities.

As EXO’s management agency, we have prioritized the members’ opinions regarding important matters including the direction of the team and members’ activities.

Before officially announcing the marriage of member Chen, there was discussion exchanged with the EXO members. As much as the EXO members have all experienced the pain of members leaving, they expressed their intention that they want to continue together as they have until now. The agency also respected this opinion of the members, and there will be no changes in EXO’s member [lineup].

In addition, there are members who have military enlistment approaching ahead, so it was planned since last year for EXO’s activities this year to be focused on solo and unit activities. The members’ activities will be revealed one by one.

The EXO members will continue to promote in various ways as EXO, solo artists, and units, and they will repay the love of fans.

We will also provide our full support in every way possible for further growth of EXO and the members.

Thank you.


With the official say from SM Entertainment themselves, loyal fans to the OT9 took to Twitter to share their thoughts and feelings. After all, it was a big battle that EXO have surely fought through. Under the hashtag #ChenWins and #EXOLStandWith9, EXO-Ls shared their continuous support for Chen. Check some tweets below.

How about you though? What do you think of this article? Do you have a message for the toxic EXO-Ls who wanted Chen out of EXO? What is your reaction upon reading SM Entertainment’s statement?

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