By now, we already know that memes are fueling the social media world. After all, they are frickin’ hilarious!

Speaking of memes, it all started when Matthew Perry tweeted a meme featuring him and the new Joker. The photo showed a cinematic parallel between Chandler Bing, the actor’s character from the sitcom TV series ‘Friends‘, and the recently released Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix.

Check out the hilarious ‘cinematic parallel’ meme below.

We know that Chandler Bing is funny, but Matthew Perry is just as equally entertaining! It’s really nice to see whenever the actors from shows we loved turned out to share characteristics with their roles.

The One Where the Netizens Share Their ‘Chandler-Joker’ Memes

Because of Matthew Perry’s tweet which featured the meme he apparently just found online, dozens of netizens shared their own versions of the Chandler-Joker cinematic parallels.

Check out this one where the two characters are just simply smoking.

Meanwhile, there is this another one where they are both on top of a car. Honestly, this will just make you appreciate the humor of people. Because really, it is just so amazing that they spent some time to come up with hilarious posts like these.

And this last one, may be our personal favorite. Really, really, absolutely hilarious! We are not kidding when we say that we laughed and chuckled a lot with this one.

The similarity is really uncanny. After all, Chandler Bing also happens to have a sarcastic joker inside him. If these made you laugh, don’t hesitate to let us know through the comments below!

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