We’ve seen many celebrities entering the world of vlogging but is it wrong for them to join this booming industry?

Today, we’re here to discuss an issue a Twitter user has brought up regarding how many celebrities are joining this online trend of vlogging. In his tweet, this user questions why celebrities have the need to vlog if they’re earning already on television.

This raises a great argument since it is, in fact true, that celebrities earn more than enough from their daily guestings. But when it comes to joining the Youtube community and vlogging, is it wrong for them to do so?

Backtrack to the past

But first, let’s find out how the phenomenon vlogging came to be. There’s really no person to attribute to vlogging, rather, it’s an unavoidable cause. Since Youtube encourages its users to just upload videos, others thought it might be a good idea to share with the world their daily lives with no purpose in mind.

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AND INDEED IT WAS! In the first place, no one thought they could be entertained by just watching the daily routine of a certain person. But it’s the rawness and the candidness of vlogs that have made it into a booming industry. And with the number of views it was getting, Youtube became a platform that allows anyone not just to upload their videos but also to earn a living.

Now, everyone has been feasting on this glorious delight Youtube has to offer. From nobodies to celebrities⁠ (Alex Gonzaga, Heart Evangelista) and from makeup vlogs to food trip vlogs⁠—name them all, they’re all there.

Celebrity vlogging

So going back to the topic at hand, Wil Dasovich, considered as one of the first Youtubers who started vlogging in the Philippines, had a thing or two to say about this issue.

According to Wil, it’s not wrong for showbiz personalities to vlog. Speaking as someone who’s had his fair share of Youtube and showbiz, he’s the right person to finally put an end to this dispute.

He added that celebrities going to online media or Youtube is a good thing for every Youtuber out there. It means vlogging is finally becoming a legitimate profession. And it’s thanks to these celebrities and the media companies such as ABS-CBN and GMA. Basically, they bridged the gap between Youtubers and professional entertainers.

Celebrities taking over the vlogging industry

And going back to answer the viral tweet, we take celebrity earnings as something always stagnant, meaning they always have money. But it’s not. The reality is even though we think their career is doing well, the entertainment industry is actually a dog eat dog world. Celebrities’ purpose of going to Youtube is also the same as anyone else’s. And it’s job security.

To end this, here’s our piece of thought. Youtube is a platform which bases the views on meritocracy. Meaning, it depends on how good of a vlogger you are⁠—if you’re entertaining or not. Some Youtubers aren’t even celebrities yet they still earn more than artistas. An example would Jamill and Loyd Cadena. So it’s safe to say that everyone has the right to use Youtube and it’s to their expense on how they will make use of it—celebrities or not. If you liked this story then make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!

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