Iconic sitcom FRIENDS just recently celebrated their 25th anniversary yesterday, September 22!

How you guys doin’? It has been 25 freaking years since Rachel Green entered Central Perk with her dripping wedding dress. To be exact, that first episode aired on September 22, 1994. YES, ‘FRIENDS’ just turned 25 and we feel really overwhelmed!

For this, they have been releasing a lot of content on their official Instagram and other social media accounts and we can’t stop sulking! Have you seen this post featuring Cole Sprouse as an all-grown-up Ben? Ugh, we just can’t contain our feels!

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The One Where Ben Grew Up. @colesprouse #FRIENDS25

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Don’t get us wrong, we are super happy for the show. It’s just that… we feel really old when we think about how we just used to watch Friends before.

We would just laugh at Chandler’s jokes, Phoebe’s weirdness, and Ross’s unfortunate happenings. Now, we experience almost the same problems that the characters encountered – paying bills, getting broke, feeling the worst. We would now relate to Joey’s career struggles, Monica’s competitiveness, and Rachel’s first world problems.

This 25th year celebration of the show make us feel both nostalgic and scared for ourselves. As a part of the new generation who were barely alive in 1994 and who enjoy the series and have watched the characters go through ‘adult’ stuff, it is terrifying how it is now our turn to go through those struggles. Are we ready? Do we have what it takes to survive in this cruel world?

The story of the six friends Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel says we can. So as a way of celebrating 25 years of Friends, let us go back to some life lessons that the series has taught us. Maybe we just need to refresh or F5 our brains a little bit to get the answers we need.

Here are some memorable moments from the show and the lessons that we learned from it!

Trust is very important in a relationship

Everyone who has watched Friends know Ross’s iconic line, “we were on a break”.

Ross and Rachel’s relationship all throughout Friends really showed us the importance of trust. Because of the lack of it, we saw that Ross cheated on Rachel because of an assumption that she had something with her colleague, Mark. In the first place, Ross had been really immature with the way he got jealous of Rachel prioritizing her own job before him. With this thinking, their relationship went downhill because he lacked the ability to trust Rachel.

Boys and girls, before entering a relationship, you should always ensure that you could be able to trust the other person. If it isn’t there yet, then build it up together. Otherwise, you would just always be full of doubt and insecurity.

A relationship is something that should be mutually developing for both of you. It is not codependence, but it is the presence of love and support for the other. You push each other to be better, and you grow together. And for that to happen mutually, there should be trust.

Embrace your feelings

Of course, who would forget Chandler and his commitment issues? In fact, he was also the character with the least number of romantic relationships in Friends. As a product of a broken family, Chandler developed his very iconic sarcasm as a defense mechanism. He was a delight to watch, but sometimes it just hurts when we see that he is just a really sensitive person. Fortunately, he overcomes his issues when he decides to marry Monica.

It was a journey for Chandler, but all he did was just start to embrace his feelings. His insecurities would still resurface at times but he knows that he is in love with Monica. For a lot of people, feelings in a romantic relationship may not always be the case. We all have different situations or circumstances and we must learn how to handle them by taking our feelings into consideration too. Just embrace your emotions and feel them with a whole heart – that may also help you get to know yourself better.

Sometimes life will never go your way, but everything is as it should be

In the series, we have seen the characters go through so much. Of course, that was 10 seasons, duh. But someone who we really look up to is Monica.

Remember the time when she broke up with Richard because she wanted kids and he didn’t? They had to let each other go and that was PAINFUL. Remember when she and Chandler found out that they couldn’t have kids of their own? That was really tragic.

However, she got through all those hard situations. And you will too! There is no 100% guarantee that we would all be successful and truly happy in our lives someday, but we should always trust the process and ourselves. Bad things won’t last if you don’t let them. Cry and rest for a bit then after a while, try again.

But on moments that things get too hard to handle, as the Friends theme song says, there are always friends that will be there for you.  *wink*

Learn to enjoy the little things

Throughout the seasons, we have always seen Joey’s failures – both in his career and his personal life. He didn’t always get the role he wanted, but he always tried again and again to audition. We have also watched him get his heart broken a few times (when he wasn’t breaking others’). He didn’t always succeed in the things he wanted, but he was okay.  He always found enjoyment in the little things.

In our lives, we should all learn how to be a little Joey. Hardships come and go, and we would surely experience failure along the way. However, we shouldn’t let that hinder us from enjoying the life that we were given. After all, smiling, laughing, and just feeling good in general will help us get back up eventually!

You do you

We really don’t encourage having biases here, but yes… our personal favorite Friends character is Phoebe. Not Regina Phalange, but Phoebe. Why, you ask? Because she exactly embodies and exhibits the U Do U mentality.

Just look at the way she runs without a care in the world! She is honestly really iconic. In the same episode, she explains that she runs in that carefree way because it reminded her of how she felt as a kid. She says that would be the only way to make running fun, and it turned out to be true.

In a world full of other people that are strangers to us, sometimes it is hard to not think about how they would perceive us to be. We especially wouldn’t want to be embarrassed in front of others. However, that shouldn’t always be the case.

What Phoebe’s character is teaching us is to be carefree and to just enjoy being yourself. Run like a wild animal, write a song about a smelly cat, express your emotions freely! Do what makes you happy.

All this is making us nostalgic but again, we just want to greet F.R.I.E.N.D.S a Happy 25th Year Anniversary!

Which Friends character do you relate to the most? Are there other life lessons that you have learned from the show? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.