The cast of MARIA speaks out about their characters, the film, and the production in an exclusive interview with UDOU!

The cast of MARIA gets serious about their characters, the film and the production in this unique episode of  UDOU Features.
We are taken one step deeper into the world of MARIA by the actors themselves as they open up about overcoming their own challenges. Introducing Kaleb played by Ivan Germaine Padilla, Miru played by Jennifer Lee, Victor played by KC Montero, and Bert played by Guji Lorenzana in this one-on-one exclusive interview that tells us all we need to know about the most anticipated film this summer.

The Cast & Their Characters

“Kaleb” (Ivan Germaine Padilla)

Ivan Germaine Padilla, also known by his US Screen name “Germaine De Leon” is a former Hollywood Filipino actor. Known for his US roles such as Nick in the popular primetime TV show DEXTER, and as a regular guest star on major television shows like “CSI:Miami”, “CSI: NY”, “The Closer”, “Criminal Minds”, “Castle”, “Lucifer” and recently his roles in “Playhouse”, the movie “12” and “100 Tula Para Kay Stella”.

Ivan has proven countless times that he is a very talented actor, this time around thou, he also showed us how he is also an experienced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, a chance he was very much happy to have.
During, the interview with him, we got to know a bit more on who he is aside from being an actor and a martial artist. One of the most interesting details is on how he admires Bob Dylan.
“Sure I have always loved his music but when I read his book he made it clear how important his experiences with different friends and co-musicians, as well as his bohemian lifestyle were in giving him the inspiration for his art. He taught me to not worry about money focus on the art and treasure my random experiences as fuel for my art.
He talked in great detail of how lucky he was to have come across a friend who had a huge record collection, something he couldn’t afford, he called those afternoons he spent there as his formal college education.
I could relate to him because the first job I got “in the industry” was working at a video rental store, I grew up budgeted so we had few DVDs and no cable whatsoever, working at that store allowed me to watch hundreds of movies, old movies new movies that I never would have, that was for me my college education.” – Ivan
Ivan, on MARIA is “Kaleb”, one of the main antagonists in the film who is out to get Lily for her crimes against the cartel.

“Victor” (KC Montero)

Casey Wyatt Montero Miller better known as KC Montero is a Filipino American Radio DJ, MTV VJ, TV host, and actor who is much renowned for his works as a comedienne and as a writer.

This is KC’s first time to act as a villain, and as he put it, he is quite anxious at the same time hopeful for the audience to see a different “KC Montero”, one that can actually play a bad guy too aside from the usual “funny guy” persona he is known to have.
KC here, is Victor, one of the top bosses of the cartel syndicate who is known to be ruthless and cold to the core without any emotions.

“Miru” (Jennifer Lee)

Jennifer Lee is widely known to be one of the members of the famous girl group Viva Hot Babes, but recently that is not all she is known to be,  she has also been making waves as one of the top female DJs in Asia and a brand ambassador of Pioneer DJ Philippines who is known for her beautiful remixes and beats, but believe it or not that is not all, she is also a chef, who evens have her own cooking show.
With all that’s happening around her, it is quite beguiling that she can still make room for the film and be a total badass on it. She for the most part has expressed some worries over some of the scenes in the film since she claims to be a bit “rusty” in her acting — that, of course, remains to be seen, but with how the online reactions are pouring in for her and Cristine’s fight scene, we think she can breathe easy as it is all empowering and positive.
Jennifer, is Miru, one of the three top assassins of the cartel gang and is the right-hand woman of Kaleb.

“Bert” (Guji Lorenzana)

Gregory Lorenzana, Jr., is a singer-songwriter, actor, theatre actor, host, club DJ, former radio DJ for Mellow 94.7 (2008-2010), commercial model, and a Filipino alternative rock, a pop-rock singer who also is known to be a good actor.

He is recently seen continuously working on his music and is often active in Metro Manila’s live music scene, singing with his project bands.
Guji, is Bert, the loving husband of Lily who is unaware of her dark past.

On the production, and their fellow other cast members

The actors, all had nothing but praises for the entire team, with special mention towards the stunt director (Sonny Sison), the lead, Cristine Reyes and of course, the director Pedring Lopez who not only led the way for them to be more in tune to their characters but has also given them a very good working environment that is both fun and challenging.
Noting that this is going to be a different kind of action film who not only gives us the first ever girl-on-girl action fight scenes, MARIA is indeed a one of its kind since it brings about a compelling story from start to finish with a lot of room for the characters to develop and grow as the story moves forward.
It might be straight on a revenge plot through and through, but we cannot deny how the mastery and skill of each of the cast members have paved the way for the story to come together in such a unique mix of action, love and drama that is sure to keep us hooked from start to finish — it is only fitting for us to say that MARIA is not just an ordinary action flick, but also can be considered an art that showcases how the Filipino film industry in the past years has raised its bar in telling a more contextual storyline, in its attempt to move away from a “cookie-cutter” definition of what it was before.

What to look out for in MARIA

The actors,  invites everyone to experience a defining moment in the Philippine cinema, as MARIA brings back the glory days of action with this female-centric story that is jam-packed with never before done fight scenes in the history of the country that is sure to win the hearts of both males and females alike.
As one writer said, “The film leads the way for the rise of leading women of action in Pinoy films, it is empowering to the action genre, women, and  martial arts”
Should we continue? Or should you just watch the entire interview below so you could see for yourself how magnanimous this interview is?

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