If there’s a Marvel hero, you can always count that there’s a DC counterpart. And after the release of MCU’s Captain Marvel, DC’s Shazam come around. In the battle between Captain Marvel vs. Shazam? Which side are you on?

For a very long time, there has been a long-standing debate among fans. Who did it better? Marvel or DC? For every Marvel hero present, there will always be a DC counterpart for it. And it became a habit of fans to compare one hero to another. Either they’re from the comic books, from the series or from the movies. In speaking of that, the current heroes being pitted on against each other are ‘Captain Marvel‘ and ‘Shazam!’.

After the release of MCU’s newest film, ‘Captain Marvel’, DC showed up with its counterpart ‘Shazam!’. But what makes them different from each other? For some people who are not a fan of either DC or Marvel comics, it can really get confusing. Especially if you just learned that Shazam was also known as Captain Marvel before. (Whaaaaat?) I know right! That’s just downright confusing. But what sets them aside from each other?

Captain Marvel

Marvel’ ‘Captain Marvel’ moniker had been held by several characters in the Marvel Universe. But since they’ve released ‘Captain Marvel’, we’ll just stick with Carol Danvers as she is known to the public. Carol Danvers is a security chief in the United States Airforce until she gets involved with the Kree civilization. After absorbing the power of the exploding Kree device, it infused with her, making her a Kree-human hybrid. In fact, it made her one of the strongest heroes across the Marvel Universe. Years later, she took the moniker Captain Marvel in honor of Mar-Vell, the Kree doctor and her mentor in Earth. Since her power is from a Kree power core, her power itself is quite extensive. She has the ability to amplify her powers at her will. However, this doesn’t make her the generic, overpowered superhero in stories.

Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel is as human as possible. She has this habit of underestimating herself and pushing herself to be a better hero, even she already is one. Also, she’s relatable. As an adult, she’s funny, intelligent and bold. She has a temper, which shows that she’s flawed, despite being overpowered. And that’s a hero that you can really relate too. So far, in the MCU, that’s all about her that we know of. But we’re surely be seeing her once ‘Avengers: Endgame’ premieres.


On the other hand, Shazam isn’t your typical DC hero. Shazam is the alter ego of a 12-year-old boy named Billy Batson. Whenever Billy shouts the word “Shazam!”, he transforms into a brawny adult hero called Shazam. In reality, Billy is an orphan who happened to stumble into a different dimension and finds the Immortal Elders. The Immortal Elders (Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury) grants Billy the power to allow him to protect the mortal world. And when he transforms, he takes the power of each Immortal Elders. Among his powers are superhuman speed, strength, flight, wisdom and more.

But once done being a hero, he transforms back into being a kid again. Take note, even when he becomes Shazam, his body changes but his mind still remains the same, the mind of 12-year-old Billy. So yeah, he’s a kid in an adults body trying to save the world while worrying about school and all. He makes mistakes, being a kid an all. And yes, he’s quite oblivious sometimes with how his powers affect his environment and the people. But setting that aside, he has good intentions for a 12-year-old kid.

And I think we’ve been once a Billy Batson. We want to be a hero without thinking about the consequences of our actions. And like a child, we grow and learn from the mistakes we made. So if you haven’t watched Shazam in the cinemas, then you better be. It will really take you back when we still dreamed of being a superhero ourselves.

There’s actually nothing to fight about

I mean, both of them are different from each other. True, they’ve once shared the same name. And they’re the counterpart of each other from rivaling franchise. However, ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Shazam!’ poise different ideals towards the public. One shows how a girl can be the most powerful hero who can save an entire universe but still be flawed and human and relatable as possible. While the other one shows how a kid can be a hero, save the world and learn how the real world works at a young age.

Both of them promises the people that there’s a hero inside of us. From all the little things we do. And being a hero means being human, knowing how to loosen up sometimes and saving the world despite everything else. It doesn’t matter what franchise they came from or how better the other can be. It’s about enjoying and savoring their stories as heroes and learning a thing or two from them. Why start a franchise war when both heroes are as great as they are, right? I believe that we are a Carol Danvers and a Billy Batson at the same time. Carefree, brave and ready to take on the world.

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