FEATURES: Captain Marvel is as marvelous as it can get

For starters, Carol Danver’s story did answer a few questions and raised a lot of ones at the same time. However, Captain Marvel served its purpose and that is to prepare us for the endgame to come.

Entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Carol Danvers a.k.a Captain Marvel, the crucial character to what we are all waiting for. Surprisingly, Captain Marvel breaks down the typical Marvel Phase One formula. Topped with a great sense of humor as ever and nostalgic ’90s music. Not to mention introducing a new set of characters and civilization to the MCU. The movie manages to pull of new storytelling from Marvel itself. It might not be as superb as other fans expect, but it delivers a great story towards the next greater one.

The expectation for Captain Marvel is quite unexpectedly high since Carol Danvers plays a vital role for Avengers: Endgame. It’s no secret that some fans expressed their disappointment about the movie’s entirety. The storyline buildup, the action scenes or lack thereof, the confusing timeline, and how Carol Danvers fits in the equation. No matter how it seems to be the flaws of the movie, it gave Captain Marvel the flair as the first female character to have it’s a standalone film. Captain Marvel is a buildup. An introduction. An origin story. It aims to set an impression as to what to expect from the missing X in the Avengers formula. To hype us up for the next big thing to come.

A marvelous storytelling

With a 2-hour runtime, it centers on Vers or Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), an amnesiac member of the Kree Starforce. Under the leadership of Yon-Rogg (Jude Law), Vers trains to control her unstable powers and keep her emotions in check. During their rescue operation for an intergalactic spy that goes south, Vers gets captures by their shapeshifting enemies, Skrulls. Eventually, her encounter with the Skrulls leads her to C53 or Earth, where she manages to unite with Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson), a member of the SHIELD. Together with Fury, Vers learns more about her past as Carol Danvers and what powers lie beyond what she knows.

It does sound all over the place but Brie Larson pulls off a convincing unreliable character. With no memories of whatsoever and just snippets of vision, but it gives you a sense of false security as well, not knowing who to trust. Storyline wise, it might seem that there’s a lot of stories told in the movie. A lot of fillers, you may think. However, without them in the equation, it seems awfully lacking, since the fillers gave answers to some questions we’ve had for years. Let’s say, for example, Goose the cat’s involvement. It showed us the impending accident for Fury’s missing eye. Every filler served its purpose.

The missing link

Indeed, the timeline got a bit confusing, especially with the Tesseract’s involvement in the story. But Captain Marvel’s timeline is the missing link between Captain America’s first appearance and Thor’s. The Tesseract first appeared in Captain America, when HYDRA located it until it eventually fell into the hands of Howard Stark. Then the next thing we know is it’s in Asgard, right? But coming in between it is Dr.  Wendy Lawson or Mar-Vell, the Kree scientist. Howard Stark might have given it to Dr. Lawson at some point. And the Tesseract gave Carol’s powers, during the crash. We’re given the idea of what happened between the two movies.

A feminist fable

Just right in time for the International Women’s Day, Captain Marvel sets the record straight with its women empowering ideology. All throughout the movie, Yon-Rogg tells Vers or Carol to keep her emotions in check to avoid going on a rampage. With power so unstable, they need to implant a chip on her to repress the surging power in her person. Keeping it calm, cool and collected, especially when life and death are at stake matters. We’ve all seen what happened to Thanos fiasco with Starlord in Infinity War. It can fuck things up. However, for Carol, in a crucial fight, her emotions power her up. Women are known to be emotional. To society, it has a negative impact as we can be rash or impulsive in deciding. However, emotions fuel the passion and passion strengthens one’s resolve, especially in crucial moments.

Aside from that, it shows not only a strong lead female character. We were served all kinds of women in the movie that shows strength in all aspects. And also how women can be humorous as well. Brie Larson demonstrated no-nonsense humor together with Samuel Jackson. Women can do a lot of things and Captain Marvel showed what women can be and could be in this society.

So if you think Captain Marvel did not do justice as a stepping stone towards Endgame, then you’re a lost cause. Carol Danvers introduced herself in the best way possible. She might not be a showstopper but she’s the helping hand that the Avengers may need in their fight for the whole universe.

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