These days most things grow expensive by the minute, so why would we expect Grab fares to be any different?

Most people expect the New Year to usher in a chance for change, and while most can hope, there are just some things that will stay the same. Just like the ever-surging prices of today’s goods and services, so can we really expect lower Grab fares this February?

In a recent interview with ANC, Grab Philippines president Brian Cu said that they’re anticipating a drop in demand for the ride-hailing service this coming February, which in turn will also trigger a drop in fare prices.

He explained a little about why fares skyrocketed during the holiday season. “With that higher number of people booking the surge went up,” he said. “If the app sees there is more demand, (a) surge will start kicking in.”

Let’s just say we don’t necessarily trust Grab with our money.

And for good reason! Because ICYMI, Grab was fined a whopping total of 23.45 million pesos by the PCC (Philippine Competition Commission) for overcharging. And required Grab to refund a total of 5 million pesos to its customers.

So for every 1,200 pesos, you spent on Grab from the months of February and May 2019, you will be refunded 1 peso. And for every 450 pesos, you spent between May and August 2019, you will also get an additional 1 peso refund.

So although Grab is telling people the narrative of “lower fares in February,” remember to take everything that Grab says with a grain of salt. Because all they’re really saying is we’re charging you less than what we’re originally over-charging you with.

So do you think we can really expect lower Grab fares this February 2020? Or is it just Grab trying to control the narrative of what’s happening? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.