Burn The Stage The Movie from BTS will hit cinemas on November 15, 2018, and we are sooooo ready to see our OPPAs on the big screen!

Yep, we only have 20 days to go before Burn The Stage The Movie from BTS. And before we all start fangirling, here are a few things that we should know about the movie.

‘Burn The Stage’ follows (although not totally focusing on ’em) the group’s Wings Tour. And, yep! This movie is a documentary of the journey of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook and everyone who made BTS possible.

Everyone knows about these #OPPAS (it’s not like we haven’t been stalking them online), but we’ll legit be seeing how they are on and off cam. Plus, have we said yet, it’s also going to be a recollection of their 5 years in the industry and most especially a celebration of success! O-M-G!

So we suggest you bring along some tissue. You know, just in case it gets waaaay too emotional to handle.

Directed by Park Jun Soo and produced by Big Hit Entertainment and Camp Entertainment, Burn The stage will definitely make an imprint on the BTS Fandom.

And if you haven’t bought the passes yet, now’s the time. Count your cash ARMYs, ’cause tickets are available now! Tickets have been sold since October 22, you guys. And you can buy your tickets online, just click the link here. OMG just click it already!

You’ve probably seen, and replayed the trailer over and again but a true fan never keeps it on the loop! Here’s the trailer once again! *wink, wink!*

This massively popular Korean group was establised in 2013, and have been actively performing for 5 years!

For the noobs out there, that explains the movie.

The band was originally called ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’ or 방탄소년단 (if you want to get technical about it), which means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” hence their fan base being named ARMYs. It was later on that they were called “Beyond The Scene” or BTS as we all know now.

BTS is such a talented bunch, and they’ve reach mainstream success by 2015-2016. And from there, they began touring worldwide.

More of BTS, right here!

And if you want, we can all binge watch some BTS vids right here. And we’re starting with the sneak peak ‘Burn The Stage Ep1’, to the montage of their cutest and funniest moments!

Yes, we’re doing this now, ARMYs! *huuuuuuuuuu!*

That’s just episode 1, guys and gals! We’ve only barely scratched the surface. We have MORE videos for you to binge on coming up!

This whole Burn The Stage craze is driving us all nuts!

LOL guys! Unlike us, at least you already have a ticket!

*Sad reacts only!* There, there.

Lucky her!

Attention ARMY’s: The BTS Wings Tour Set list is here!

For added feels, we thought it might actually be awesome to listen to BTS while we’re on the ‘Burn The Stage’ Hype. *heehee*

We’re sending the BTS Oppas all the finger hearts ’cause we just can’t contain our killliiiiiig!!! We’re probably gonna be there two-24 hours early in the cinema on the 15th tbh.

But wait, this has also got us wondering—where’s the MERCH?! Hopefully, they’ll be announcing soon, so tune in ARMYs! Can’t wait for Burn The Stage waaaaaaaah!

So who’s excited for Burn The Stage The Movie from BTS? Let us hear from you, ARMYs! Leave us a comment on  Facebook, or tweet us @UDoUPh. We cannot wait to fangirl/boy our Korean hearts out with you!