LINE Webtoon just released BTS Webtoon Save Me and people are going crazy about it.

Just recently, BTS announced the release of their official webtoon, ‘Save Me’. The whole webtoon community and ARMY were in awe as their favorite Kpop group gets to have their webtoon. As a matter of fact, it really shocked them to see a story about the boys. (Disclaimer: The webtoon depicts themes that may trigger some readers. Also, there are scenes of death, suicide, and violence. Read at your own risk).

BTS had created BTS Universe, an alternate reality which features fictional counterparts of each BTS member. In the BTS Universe, stories about the boys unravel through short films, animations, posters, album notes, and novels. And now, the BTS webtoon ‘Save Me’. It’s a collaboration between Big Hit Entertainment and LICO, a webtoon creator.

Save Me’s storyline begins in The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era and is expanded from there. As described in the webtoon, the story happens in the BTS Universe. However, the catch in ‘Save Me’ isn’t just the boys being there but the story itself. It follows the Seokjin’s (Jin) journey into fixing the mistakes that happened with the seven of them. So the seven of them are best friends who had fallen out of friendship. And it gets darker from there. After their falling out, bad things begin to happen to each and every single one of them.

Seokjin manages to witness all the bad things happening and gain time traveling powers. He then dedicates himself to save his best friends from their problems. Aside from saving his friend from their peril, SeokJin aims to reunite them once and for all.

The webtoon will run for 16 chapters, uploaded every Thursday in LINE Webtoon. You can read it here.

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