BTS NEW ALBUM ALERT! Love Yourself: Answer is out now, and the video for its latest single is breaking the internet!

As the first single from the BTS new album, IDOL is breaking the internet with more than 45 million views on its first 24 hours on the internet.

The video is, full of very loud colors representing modern and old Korea, symbolizing its culture, its pop influences, with the boys of BTS front and center. Basically, it’s your usual crazy K-pop video on acid. IT’S AMAZING!

As a popular Reddit comment explains, this is probably how they came up with it:

It’s a visual feast of colors and textures, and they might want to add a seizure warning for anyone watching the video in a dimly lit room. It is every shade and hue of amazing, and there’s no best way to explain it. You’ll just have to see the video for yourself.

The music video for IDOL beat out the Taylor Swift’s video for her single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. And you might also want to note that it has been exactly a year since Swift’s video broke the internet with 43.2 million views in 24 hours.

Just like BTS, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ was also her first single for her latest alum, Reputation. Swift’s song was said to be a diss on everyone and everything that’s been happening to her in the music industry, while BTS’ first single ‘IDOL’ is said to have the same theme.

Here are some lyrics you might want to consider:

You can call me artist

You can call me idol

I dont care

The video is also said to be laced with so many clues! Yes, we know that there’s a lot of eye candy on the music video of IDOL. But if you watch really closely, you’ll see clues here and there. That’s what the biggest fans say, anyway. So keep your eyes peeled! We’re sure you’ll see something around the 3rd or 98357th time that you watch it!

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For now, we’re just excited for the BTS new album, and we can’t wait till they break the internet again for their next music videos!