Packed with new sound and harmony, Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Amo’ earns their very first #1 album in the music charts.

English rock band, Bring Me The Horizon steps up their A-game with their latest album ‘Amo’. A few days earlier, ‘Amo’ reached Top 1 in sales in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Scotland. This is the very first #1 album of the band in a very long time of being in the music industry.

Speaking of ‘Amo’, Bring Me The Horizon switched up their music here in a bit. With 13 songs in the mix, it provides variety from the deathcore we’ve all loved. In a likely manner, BMTH still showed their dark and emo side. However, there is a new sense of freshness in the track as it has electropop, EDM, and somehow dance-rock at some point. It sounds experimental but it was a delight to the ears.

BMTH’s reinventing their music, stepping further ahead. The band is aware of the difference they are making but they are unapologetic about it. Amo’s music strays from their origins but traces back from its roots with new blood. In ‘Mantra’, they showcase amazing guitar riffs partnered with sick-dropping of beats every now and then. While ‘Medicine’ tells a story of unconditional love from a failing relationship, ‘In The Dark’ is the deeper and darker version. It’s an electro-rock anti-ballad song that tells the discovery of the cheating of his previous partner.

‘Amo’ proves itself more than an experimental album. You can definitely hear new music from it but it still has the BMTH signature rock tints. It can go from being emo, dark, a bit of pop, electro and robotic that can suit any mood you’re feeling. BMTH show’s that they can do what they want with their music and still get away with it without sounding bad.

Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Amo’ is available in Spotify so you better check the mix out.

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