Frozen 2 just came out today! Moreover, we just can’t get enough of Elsa’s song, ‘Into The Unknown‘.

As people who grew up watching Disney’s animated movies, we can’t help but just really be excited every time a new one comes out. May it be a brand new story, a remake of a classic, or a sequel, there is a possibility that we would surely check it out in the cinemas. So with Frozen 2 now showing, we just can’t contain our excitement in watching it soon!

To hype ourselves for the movie, we have just been watching the trailers over and over again. Plus, we have been listening non-stop to the songs included. One of them is Elsa’s song, ‘Into the Unknown’ which was of course, sang by Idina Menzel along with vocals from AURORA.

But, did you know and have you heard of Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco and Korean singer TAEYEON’s versions of the song?

Brendon Urie Channels His Inner Diva

As music fans, we know that Brendon Urie has an amazing voice and an impeccable vocal range. Belting high notes isn’t difficult at all for him, which is evident in his version of ‘Into the Unknown’.

Listen to his intense vocal goodness by simply playing the YouTube video below.

Literally, we felt a lot of chills. Moreover, it was just really remarkable that he sang in the same key as Idina’s. Chills, guys, chills!

TAEYEON Sings in Her Native Language 

TAEYEON, singer and member of now-disbanded Korean girl group Girls’ Generation or SNSD, also sang a very special version of the Frozen 2 song. It is done under Disney Music Asia, for the Korean Motion Picture Soundtrack of the aforementioned film. Watch it here!

Yes, it’s in Korean! And yes, if you didn’t know about TAEYEON before, you should start stanning her now because her vocals are amazing.

Honestly, these two singers added their different appeals to the song, which was awesome as hell! Are there other notable versions that we missed though? Don’t hesitate to comment below.

What do you think of these two different versions of ‘Into the Unknown’? Did you like one more than the other? Let us know your thoughts by sharing them through the comments section! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.