You’ve sang, danced, and whipped your hair back and forth to the songs of Queen—and now you can do all of those in theaters. Get to know this iconic band through the much-awaited Bohemian Rhapsody Movie.

Brace yourselves, Queen fans! ‘Bohemian Rhapsody Movie’ is hitting the Philippine theaters October 31st. Yes, you read that right. The movie we’ve all been waiting for is finally hitting our big screens!

Want to get pumped up even more? It’s time to rewatch with us.

And we even have the FINAL trailer for you guys ’cause this movie is just going to be LIT!

We don’t know about you, but the goosebumps we have just by watching these trailers are too much already. What more when w’re finally watching the whole 2-hour and 14-minute movie, right?

And we bet you’ve sang to their hit song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody (or at least tried to). Plus you probably know the lyrics to their other hit songs that are nothing short of legendary—’We Will Rock You,’ ‘Another One Bites The Dust,’ ‘Somebody To Love’—the list goes on. This band, a household name, has been a staple in our lives. You probably don’t even know it, but this is most likely a band you grew up with. And this movie—it’s definitely gonna piece your hearts.

So make sure that your schedule is free for one of the biggest movies of the year. Because we know Director Bryan Singer surely outdid himself on this one. Starting with the heart-tugging storyline, plus the perfect cast, this movie’s over-all production is a marvel you shouldn’t miss!

And who wouldn’t go crazy over Rami Melek?

As if everyone’s not overly hyped yet, the excitement is soaring higher and higher over the anticipation for Rami Melek’s portrayal of Freddie Mercury. Because wow (just wow!), the resemblance is uncanny!

The similarity is unbelievable! And besides that, the over-all cast seems to be perfect, don’t you think?

The ‘Bohemian Rhapsody Movie’ is surely a promise of a foot-stomping film bound to make us grip our chairs as we celebrate this timeless band, Queen, who miiiight’ve set the standards too high.

And another thing we love is that this movie will not only showcase how the band gave us ageless and classic music, it will also remind us of how Queen shattered conventions, stereotypes, and defied all limits and expectations.

Want to get even more pumped up? Then watch the Queen’s 1985 Live Aid Concert now!

Or you can stream their songs on Spotify and knock yourselves out to the beat of the Queen!

So are you excited for the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie? What are you most anticipated to see in the film? What’s your favorite song from the timeless band Queen? Tell us everything in the comment section below! Or better yet, send us a message on our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would love to get all crazy with you about this much-awaited movie!