The reboot of Blue’s Clues, our favorite ’90s classic kids show, finally returns! And this time, we’re getting a new host that everyone will surely love.

After a long time, Blue’s Clues comes back to Nickelodeon. However, there will be some teensy changes made in our favorite kid’s show. (Not that we’re complaining though!) It will be bearing a new name, ‘Blue’s Clues and You’ and is getting a new host too!

For almost 8 years, Steve (Steve Burns) became the face of the famous kids show, Blue’s Clues. He left the show eventually after departing for college. And he was replaced by Donovan Patton who played Steve’s brother Joe. Of course, the show ran another 4 years until it ended in 2006. Since then, the magic of the world of Blue’s Clues wasn’t discovered by the new generation of kids.

Blue’s Clues and You

However, this time, Nickelodeon announced that the show is coming back with all new adventures. And of course, with a new host. Filling in the big shoes of Steve and Joe, Joshua Dela Cruz, a young Filipino American, will be taking over this time.

A Broadway actor, Josh will be the new host of the reboot called ‘Blue’s Clues and You’. Aside from seeing familiar faces of our favorite characters like Blue and Magenta, we’re getting a huge step up this time. The characters are brought to life, thanks to CGI. So you’ll see them in crispy animation and poppin’ colors. At the same time, Josh will be showing off his singing skills in the opening song of the show! Would you look at that!

It’s not just the diversity in the show that we’re gonna see. But there’s definitely a whole lot more in store for kids (and kids at heart) for this reboot! So far, ‘Blue’s Clues and You’ has ordered 20 episodes.

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