Mahershala Ali is the new ‘Blade’ which will be part of the MCU Phase 5!

During the San Diego Comic-Con last July, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, announced the official roster of films for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4. But just before he ended the conference, he pulls up Mahershala Ali as a surprise guest on to the stage! Who then shows off a cap with the official new logo of ‘Blade’. Since it was the unveiling of the MCU Phase 4 lineup, a lot of people got confused that ‘Blade’ will be part of it. But was clarified later on by Kevin Feige that ‘Blade’ will be part of the MCU Phase 5.

MCU Phase 5?


We know what you’re thinking, Phase 4 hasn’t even begun yet! And Phase 5 seems like it won’t be released for a long time. But that may be false to assume. Because Phase 4 will only consist of a total of five movies and five Disney+ TV shows. And was revealed that it will only last for a total of two years. Unlike MCU’s Phase 3 which lasted for a total of three years.

So it is very likely that we will be seeing ‘Blade’ in theatres as early as 2022. Along with ‘Blade’, three other titles are confirmed to be part of MCU Phase 5: ‘Black Panther 2’, ‘Captain Marvel 2’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3’.

Mahershala Ali as ‘Blade’

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We widely know him as ‘Cottonmouth’ from the TV Series ‘Luke Cage’. But it may surprise you to know that Mahershala Ali is no greenhorn, he is a two-time Oscar winner! He won as Best Supporting Actor for the 2017 film ‘Moonlight’. And again for the 2019 film ‘Green Book’. But how will he fare when he fills in the shoes of a half-vampire daywalker who is also a vampire hunter? We’ve seen how he is as a kingpin on ‘Luke Cage’. But can he bring justice to getting down and dirty with vampires without goons and minions to boss around? Only time will tell, but we believe in you Mahershala!


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The role was originally played by Wesley Snipes in the 90s to the early 00s, ‘Blade’ is a half-blood vampire who hunts and kills his own kind. His real name is Eric Brooks, his mother was bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant with him and then died during childbirth. Eventually, he was taken in by a vampire-hunter at a young age who mistook him for being a full-fledged vampire. So aside from the trilogy of movies, it was also followed by a ‘Blade’ TV series who starred Sticky Fingaz. Unfortunately, it wasn’t received well. So it didn’t last very long.

We’re sure you’re all as excited as we are. Seeing our favorite Marvel characters come to life on the big screen is always a delight. And these reveals and lists of movies are giving us nothing but hope. We don’t know about you but we are beyond ready to buckle up and dive right in!

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