“Kulang na kulang ba ako?” Don’t lie, ‘Open’ is the film we never knew we needed because it hurts us in the unlikeliest way possible!

‘Open’ is an upcoming film directed by Andoy Ranay starring Arci Muñoz as Rome and JC Santos as Ethan. It is an official entry in the 3rd Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

The trailer basically shows how Rome and Ethan try to rekindle their stale relationship by having open relationships with other after being together for 14 years.

So, what is an open relationship, you ask? An open relationship is when both partners have come to an agreement to engage in sexual relations with others. It often occurs when the couple wants to spice up their relationship or just wants to experiment.

Are you willing to let someone else save your relationship?

Upon watching the trailer, you can’t help but already feel emotional because of I Belong to the Zoo’s ‘Sana’ playing in the background (who wouldn’t?). We also see Rome and Ethan already at the brink of their relationship–being established individuals and mature enough to marry.  While Rome is expecting a marriage proposal, Ethan was thinking of something else—an open relationship.

Rome, shocked by the idea, had no choice but to accept it. She’d rather keep him in an outrageous way rather than to lose him.

Little did Rome know, Ethan experiments this open relationship by having sexual encounters with Erika (Ina Raymundo) while Rome is devastated figuring out what to do with their relationship.

Even though it’s just a trailer, we can already tell ‘Open’ will be an exceptional film, handing us a lot of heartbreaking “hugot” lines. Arci’s portrayal of a love-scorned woman gave us all the feels especially during the part where we can see Arci breaking down into tears with her voice cracking asking Ethan, “Kulang na kulang ba ako?”

It is most definitely relatable in a way that life surprises us when we least know it. The film also asks the question we all had to face once in our life, “Are you willing to give up your happiness for that one person? Is this pain really worth it?”

‘Open’ will be showing in cinemas this September 13, 2019, so you better check it out! What do you think of ‘Open’? Who will you be watching it with?  Let us know in the comments, or message us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.