Gone are the times when we would watch videos of BTS without even understanding them. ‘Cause now, we have subtitles!

Aaahh, subtitles – the good ol’ mother of bridging people, breaker of language barriers. 

If you are a part of the ARMY, you would know that part of our lives as fans include watching random behind-the-scene videos of BTS. After all, that is where their personalities outside the stage shine through. However if you are an avid watcher of BTS’ Bangtan Bomb videos, surely you’re also familiar with the struggle of watching their vlogs… without subs.

While we had to make do and are greatly appreciative with translations from Korean-speaking fans (like Bangtan Subs), ARMYs all over the world still felt that BTS’ entertainment company should add the subtitles themselves. After all, the international fanbase is getting bigger and bigger.

Finally though after years of fans begging, BigHit Entertainment finally did something ~quite~ revolutionary. They finally decided to put subtitles on a Bangtan Bomb video–and it was one where Jungkook was simply eating ice cream!

Now, because the video already has subtitles for us to understand them, enjoy watching it with us by simply playing the YouTube video below.

Ugh, the way he reacted while eating the ice cream though!


Of course, because of this initiative by Big Hit, fans took their time to thank the entertainment company themselves through the hashtag #ThankYouBigHit. Just check out some of the tweets from the ARMY below!

And like what the tweet below said, this is truly one of the best things that happened in K-pop.

How about you? What did you feel upon hearing of this? Are you looking forward to watching Bangtan Bomb with subs?

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