We’re changing the look of our local music videos nowadays, and it’s a really good start for our industry. Slowly but surely, left and right stunning vids are being produced—and you could say that these vids can compete to international standards.

Every year gives a better concept, beauty, and production. And for the past seven months of 2018, here are our top five local music videos so far:

Di Na Muli – The Itchyworms

When I first heard The Itchyworms’ Di Na Muli while watching Sid and Aya, I instantly thought that it’s the perfect song for the film. It’s a good movie soundtrack in general, if you ask me. But its music video is way more emotional and heartwarming than any other film this song will fit into—with the narration actually featuring the real-life story of Rosky Hilado, widow of the late Teddy Hilado to whom the video is dedicated to. Rosky and Teddy Hilado met at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where Rosky was one of the principal dancers of the Bayanihan, and Teddy was CCP’s first technical and lighting director. She’s reminiscing the whole time until she’s finally on stage, where she got the chance to dance again, with all the lights, as if Teddy was still there. It’s all genuine—and if this doesn’t make you burst into tears, then I don’t know what will.

Ex – Callalily

Callalily’s Ex music video is bittersweet—inviting over ex-lovers to capture their on-stage reactions after not seeing for a long time is a shot through the heart, tbh. Nonetheless, a social experiment is a good break from the traditional narrative local music videos. So which team are you—#MahalPaRinKita or #AyokoNa?

In My Prison – IV of Spades

The song itself is already great, but let’s talk about the actual execution of its video. Like I’ve said before, IV Of Spades’ In My Prison looks like a Panic! At The Disco video, and the band has shown more character all throughout. Thunder, black veil, Renaissance-inspired look—plus, it was released on a Friday the 13th. IVOS truly gets better and better when it comes to their MVs.       

Sisikat Ka Iha – Bita and the Botflies

Bita and the Botflies started with a disclaimer: Sisikat Ka Iha is a disturbing but all too common story. We decided to tell this through the perspective of a predator posing as an agent to emphasize the objectification of women in this story. Well, it’s barely a state secret that the song describes what’s happening in the country. The bizarre aesthetics of this video matched the lyrics perfectly, showing a unique way to give life to a music vid. But beware—it’s not for the faint-hearted.    

Seventeen – No Rome

The flashing lights reminded me of western artists’ typical music videos, so it was surprising when I found out that this is proudly Filipino made. And did you know that Troye Sivan really liked the song? In an interview with Bandwagon, he even commentedThis is really, really, really good. Is he like a big star? This is super inspiring to listen to. So sick.”! He didn’t even want to skip the song, saying “I’m a big No Rome fan.” No Rome also directed BP Valenzuela’s video for bbgirl.

Have you watched those local music videos yet? Let us hear some of your faves in the comments!