The horror franchise is getting a series adaptation and yes-we’re both excited and terrified!

We’re going back to the house that forever haunts us and learn its roots. The most terrifying franchise is back and it’s coming to haunt you for not just an hour and a half of madness but with an entire series. Ju-On origins which is set to release on July 3rd, 2020 is a startling new recounting of the tale behind ‘the Grudge.’

Image from Netflix

A tale which has led us through 13 different adaptations, The Grudge is a story based on real-life events spanning 4 decades of murder surrounding a single house in Japan, and the truth they say is much mortifying than any fictional reimagine.

The OG Ju-On film released in 2002 written by Takeshi Shimizu tells the story of a house haunted by a murdered housewife and her son. It explores the different personalities that have in some way or another been murdered because of its interactions with the house.

Few of the adaptations have tried to tell the tale before the tale and none so exhaustive as to create an entire series detailing the events which solidified the house’s reputation. According to Netflix’s synopsis of the series, Ju-On: Origin is focused on a paranormal researcher digging away at the archival history of the house.

Get ready to scare ourselves shitless on July 3rd when Season 1 of Ju-On: Origins drops only on Netflix!


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