Before he was keen on destroying half of the human race, Thanos was just like any of us. And that’s what Ryan Meinerding showed us in his concept art. FIND OUT MORE HERE:

On Tuesday, Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding, revealed a somewhat unbelievable Avengers: Endgame concept art for a younger Thanos on Instagram. It was originally created at the time of the film and was supposed to be unfolded during Thanos’ backstory.

The post shows a 13-year-old and 17-year-old Thanos with a caption: “Thanos age progression! This was done when we were going to show more of his backstory in the film. The ages are meant to be how old the audience would see him, not how old he actually is. So much fun working on this guy for the Russo Brothers!”

So basically, Thanos wouldn’t have been actually been in those ages rather, it just how we’d see him in human years.

Furthermore, Ryan even teased us with a concept art featuring Dr. Strange and the Mad Titan. It would appear as if Dr. Strange is sending Thanos into a magical mystery tour like what the Ancient One did to him.

Baby Thanos

With Ryan’s post going viral on the Internet, a freelance concept designer decided to have a go on a Thanos concept art. Ian Joyner took it to Twitter to share his take on a baby Thanos (for “Thanosgiving”).  And we’d just like to say HE’S ADORABLE!

What do you think of these concept arts of Thanos? How do you feel seeing Thanos as a little baby? And did you think for a moment he was cute? ‘Cuz we definitely did!

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