As Bea Alonzo celebrates her 32nd birthday, she shares a message about pain and empowerment in her YouTube video titled ‘Muli’.

Bea Alonzo recently made headlines with her controversial breakup with Gerald Anderson. With her heart being broken again, a lot of people have been worried for her.

However, as Bea celebrates her 32nd birthday four days early last Sunday, October 13, she strongly stands as a beacon of hope for those who have felt the same way as her. Releasing a video on her YouTube channel, Bea could be seen reciting a spoken-word poetry with both vulnerability and strength.

Watch her video titled ‘Muli’ here.


In this spoken poem written by Patrick Benitez, Bea shares with the viewers her empowering message. In life where we experience a lot of ups and downs, she says that we can always come out stronger. As some of the lines say,

Kaya mo na ulit harapin ang buhay na minsa’y malupit

Kaya mo na ulit ngumiti kahit may kaunting punit

Parang pinunit na papel para gawing eroplano

 Pinalipad sa hangin, ‘di alam saan patungo

All the time, she was sharing some of the struggles that most have us may have felt in life – used, broken, left alone. We may feel it again and again and again, but it always makes us stronger and better people in the end.

Paulit-ulit, uulit-ulit

Tinitiklop ng paulit-ulit

Tumitiklop ng paulit-ulit

Sa mga karanasang akala mo’y nangwawasak

‘Yun pala’y mas binubuo tayo para sa muling pagsabak

Her video goes on for a while, showing Bea in serene locations and expressing different, seemingly-genuine emotions. We can see her dancing in front of outer space projections; we can see her smiling as she looks at the sun.

In all of the scenes, she just looked especially beautiful as she showed her vulnerability to her viewers.

Self-love and empowerment

To end the video, the most beautiful and empowering lines are narrated by Bea. As she tells us to embrace and love ourselves, we feel the gentleness that she evokes using her voice.

Honestly, both Bea and the poem she was reciting was beautiful enough to bring a few tears to our eyes.

Read the last lines of the poem here.

Unahin mo namang yakapin ‘yung sarili mo

Para unti-unting mabuo at sumibol sa gitna ng araw at ulan

ng kasiguraduhan at pag-aalinlangan

ng panalo at talo, ng kalmat at delubyo

Na handa ka na ulit harapin ang nakalaan sa ‘yo

Kasama na dito ang pagkabigo

at muling pagtayo


Lilipad ka na

Lilipad ka na ulit

The message of the video was pretty self-explanatory and we loved how our hearts felt full by the end of it. To be frank, we watched it more than 3 times already. We just love everything about it.

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