Do you think celebrities experience discrimination? Well Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez, shares how she experienced discrimination too.

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As average people, there are times in life when we experience discrimination. Whether that’s being discriminated against your skill in a sport because of your gender, or you’re not treated fairly because of how you look, there’s really just times in life where you get to experience discrimination. But you wouldn’t think celebrities experience this very often, right? Well, in a recent vlog by Regine Velasquez she shares how she experienced discrimination too. And how she dealt with it will make you say: sana all!

It all started with a pair of shoes

In her vlog, she shared how she has a big obsession with brand name shoes like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and the like. And in 2001, she went to New York specifically looking for a pair of shoes from Louis Vuitton which she had seen from a magazine. When she got there she immediately saw the shoes she wanted in the display window. But when she asked if they came in her size they just immediately said no. She even asked if she could at least try them on, but yet again the store clerks said no. And if that isn’t downright nasty I don’t know what is.

So feeling down, she headed to another big name store across the street. But yet again, not one of the store clerks assisted her. Until a friendly-faced POC clerk approached her and asked if she needed any help. Because she was so upset, she ended up buying twenty pairs of shoes from that store. LOL. We’ve all been there Reg, no shame! That’s basic retail therapy 101.

Back with a vengeance!

And like the badass that she is, carrying all of her 20 shopping bags, she went back to Louis Vuitton across the street! And surprise, surprise, they did have it in her size! They were just being pretentious discriminatory jerks! But like the icon that she is, she had this to say:

“I don’t think you should feel bad pagka na-didiscriminate ka (when you get discriminated). You go back, and kick some ass!”

And we totally agree! That’s how you put discriminatory people in their place. You show them who you are without being rude. If only all of us can buy twenty pairs of shoes in one day. LOL. You can watch her full vlog right here:


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