Forever 21 is really in trouble now because Ariana Grande just sued them! Wanna know why? Read on!

Can it get any worse for Forever 21? It hasn’t been long that rumors of them filing for bankruptcy started to surface. And now ARIANA GRANDE SUES THEM? Nobody knows for sure but if they really are in financial distress, they now have to add Ariana’s ten million dollar lawsuit for damages! So read on to know everything about why Ariana Grande sued Forever 21!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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But not in this case! You made the wrong move Forever 21! Ariana Grande just sued Forever 21 on the claim that they imitated her “trademark style”. And that they intentionally hired a look-alike model for their new ad campaign, who in truth, really does look a lot like Ari! Even copying the colour aesthetic of her ‘7 Rings’ music video! We get why someone would copy Ari, she is such a queen! And anybody would love to look and be like her. But if you’re copying for monetary gain, we’ve got news for you Forever 21: that’s a crime!


They have officially removed the campaign photos on their Instagram page, but this ad is still up on their Facebook page. See, they even used lyrics to her songs! “Gee thanks, just bought it!” and “You want it, we got it!” are both lyrics derived from Ariana Grande’s song ‘7 Rings’. Gee Forever 21, could you have made it even more obvious?

Spilling more tea

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Ariana Grande is asking for TEN MILLION DOLLARS in damages for copyright and trademark infringement, false endorsement, and for violating her rights of publicity. And Ari has also revealed that Forever 21 did approach her about an endorsement deal back in 2018 to early 2019. But that they could not come to an agreement, because they couldn’t pay for what Ari is worth! She is only the single most-followed woman on Instagram! And that goes to show that whatever Ari touches turns to gold, so they should really have offered to pay what she’s worth or found someone else. But imitation is what they resorted to.

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