Just in! The long wait is over! Aquaman Jason Momoa is in Manila!

Just a few hours ago, Aquaman Jason Momoa arrived in Manila. Eager fans were able to spot him at the Philippine Immigration. The Aquaman star is just in time for the movie’s Grand Asian Premiere on December 12. Aside from that, there will also be a fan meet before the premiere, with his co-star and movie director.

In speaking of the fan meet, it will take place at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall today! Jason Momoa will be with Amber Heard (Mera) and director, James Wan. And to tell you, the fan meet will be free! It’s free, people! So if you want to get the best angles to see them up and about, make sure to get there early!

It has been a pretty hectic day for the Aquaman crew and casts. They’ve been out and about doing press interviews. But later in the afternoon, the fan meet will happen!

There’s a scoop that the movie will turn the tides of the DC movies. Thanks to TV5, entertainment journalist Mj Marfori, who was able to meet Jason Momoa and Amber Heard herself. I am just so jealous, you know!

She hinted that the movie is not just a superhero action movie like the previous DC movies. Aquaman, following its origin story, also tackles boldly real-life issues about ocean preservation. This is really relevant and it is brave and bold of the Aquaman creatives to show their take on such issue.

We hope that more DC movies will follow suit but still maintain the visual spectacle that we wanted.

Moreover, we are just so excited for the fan meet and the premiere. Who knows, Aquaman may be the biggest breakthrough the DC franchise is waiting for, right?

Yes, you heard it right, Aquaman Jason Momoa is in Manila! Are you ready to see him in the flesh? We totally are! Let us know your thoughts down the comment section below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.