After so many years of waiting, the gritting masterpiece of Donna Tartt comes to life. Ansel Elgort takes the challenge as he stars in the upcoming The Goldfinch movie adaptation!

It’s been so many years since the Pulitzer Prize-winning 2014 novel ‘The Goldfinch’ of Donna Tartt took the world by storm. And how it would be a great motion picture if produced. It took so much time for it to get a movie adaptation for a bestseller. Not that it wasn’t unfilmable but more of who would want to dare portray the engrossing character of Theo. And it seems like Ansel Elgort is up to the challenge.

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The Goldfinch follows the story of Theodore “Theo” Decker, a 13-year old boy who survives a terrorist bombing at an art museum. During the attack, his mother dies and somehow ends up taking a small Dutch Golden Age painting called The Goldfinch with him. It becomes the only constant in his life, from childhood to adulthood, as he spirals into a world of crime. But it isn’t just your typical tragic life of a boy. It’s meaty and gritty, digging deep into love, family, life, and aspirations. As complicated as it sounds, every page of the novel promises a meaty, gut-wrenching and twisty story. In other words, it can be tough to put in into a 120-minute film.

But despite the complexity of the movie and of the character, Ansel Elgort (known for his roles in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, ‘Baby Driver’, ‘Divergent’, and more) promises to keep it raw and real as possible. Theo’s character is a vivid concoction of confusion, self-discovery and passion. But with John Crowley and Roger Deakins (‘Blade Runner’) directing, they aim to capture the reality that Donna Tartt built.

Aside from Ansel Elgort, he will be joined by Oakes Fegley to play the younger Theo. Also, Sarah Paulson, Nicole Kidman, Finn Wolfhard, Aneurin Barnar, and Ashleigh Cummings. Warner Bros. will release ‘The Goldfinch’ in theaters on September 12, 2019.

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