Debunking the superhero tropes and myths we love, Amazon’s The Boys drops the bomb of how commercialized superheroes can be!

What if your favorite superheroes aren’t who they are supposed to be? Behind the shiny on-screen personality, their seemingly-genuine public appearances, they’re just as nasty as those corporate overlords we hate? That they’re only in for the money. That no matter what happens, all they want is too look good for the camera and earn that moolah.

That’s ‘The Boys’ for you. Amazon’s latest web TV series, ‘The Boys’ brings an alternate reality of how a world with egotistical supers can be. The eight-episode anti-hero series surprises us with familiarity in a new environment at the same time.

It follows the story of Hughie Campbell (Jack Quiad) who gets caught up in a series of crime to exact revenge on a superhero. After Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) help him out to get back on A-Train, a superhero speedster, they find themselves deep in taking down the superhero enterprise, Vought and its superheroes. From an unknowing salesman, he becomes part of Butcher and the boys to bring them down.

Brutal yet realistic

To be perfectly honest, the similarity of the superheroes in ‘The Boys’ with DC and Marvel heroes is evident. Especially with DC. The Seven is the direct counterpart of DC’s Justice League, that’s for sure. While their “transparency” and coordination with the government and media sounds like Marvel-ish to me. Not that it’s bad. But you can sense that it aims to mock or ridicule the honest-to-goodness of superheroes in this money-driven world.

At the same time, does sound similar to Deadpool and Hancock. Particularly with graphic violence they commit. The superheroes specifically. In most superhero films, they avoid using it on harmless people, civilians or no-power villains.

But The Seven, excluding Starlight (Erin Moriarty), has shown no mercy towards anyone. A-Train accidentally killed Robin, Hughie’s girlfriend under the influence of drugs with no remorse. Homelander and Queen Maeve left a whole airplane to crash and die. The Deep sexually assaulted Starlight. And Translucent ends up to be a peeping tom in the girl’s bathroom. And as for the other heroes, they have their own dark secrets to hide as well. The little things they’ve shown speaks for themselves.

For some, ‘The Boys’ might seem overkill. But for us tired of the usual superhero tropes, this series fits the bill perfectly. Despite the gore and profanity, it highly questions your morals with where justice and heroism and show business truly lie.

‘The Boys’ Season 1 is now streaming on Amazon. And Season 2 has already been renewed. So be sure to check this gem out!

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