A lot of people are devasted over the tragic news that the Amazon rainforest is on fire. But do you know how it started?

Environmental activists are in disarray because the Amazon rainforest is on fire! And the fires have been raging for approximately three weeks now. It is speculated that the cause of the fires in the dry season. But there have also been rumors that cattle farmers have started these fires to clear forests for their ranches.

Amazon rainforest fire facts

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It is not uncommon for forest fires to start in the Amazon rainforest during the dry season. However, according to the National Institute for Space Research (or the INPE for short) that these fires are burning at the highest rate they’ve seen since 2013. They reported that there is an 80% increase in forest fires compared to those from last year. And that a total of 72, 843 fires in total have been recorded in Brazil. With more than half of that occurring in the Amazon rainforest. Usually, the Amazon rainforest has a natural fire deterrent due to its humid and moist climate. But NASA reported that these fires are escalating because of drought and human activities!

Pointing fingers

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In another spectrum of the discussion, people are blaming Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro. They are claiming that it was his platform to “explore the Amazon rainforest’s economic potential” that encouraged illegal loggers and cattle ranchers in damaging the Amazon rainforest. Just last week, he had an argument with the INPE’s director about the 88% difference in deforestation data. And had him fired calling the data ‘lies’! This guy definitely doesn’t put the environment first. He even claims that deforestation warnings are bad for the trade negotiations in Brazil. Way to put your priorities first!

The world is quiet

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People have taken to Twitter to address this heartbreaking disaster. Calling out for the world to listen and to care. But even though #PrayForTheAmazon is the eleventh trending topic on Twitter, the world is very quiet. No major charities have taken to the helm to cease this torrent of disaster that is happening to the Amazon rainforest. They have also called out the billionaires of the world; who were eager to help when the Notre Dame caught fire in April earlier this year. But have been very quiet during this time of international concern.

Why you should care about the Amazon rainforest

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Even though the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil, wherever you are in the world, this affects you! You may think that just because you don’t see the clouds of smoke looming over your head, that it should be none of your concern. WRONG! Global Warming is real! Climate Change is real! And you can bet that all those things AFFECT YOU!

Because the Amazon rainforest produces over 20% of the world’s oxygen that it has been called the Earth’s lungs. And just like an addicted smoker, our lungs are dying! It is estimated that an area of the Amazon rainforest the size of one and a half football fields burns every minute. It is also home to 10% of the known species in the world, and over 40,000 plant species. This fire is destroying their homes and endangering their existence. And eventually endangering our home and our existence, if we don’t find a way to stop it.

The Amazon rainforest fire is truly a disaster. One can only hope that it can be stopped soon. And that it isn’t beyond saving just yet. Try to do your part by sharing this post with your friends to keep them informed.

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