I got your pitcher, I’m coming with you! Beer Maria, Count Me In!

Do you enjoy the occasional – or usual, no judgments here tbh – drink and also happen to love the band All Time Low? Because folks, the best of both worlds have just materialized and come to life! In case you aren’t aware, the aforementioned pop-punk band has partnered with beverage company Full Tilt Brewing for a drink that is none other, and it’s inspired by their 2008 hit “Dear Maria, Count Me In“.

And yup, we know you already know what this is about. *wink* Ladies and gents, we present to you the blonde ale that is the result of this wonderful collaboration, and of which is named “Beer Maria, Count Me In“. Tada!

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Of course, the “Beer Maria” can’s label artwork shows two people dancing in silhouette, just like the album art of All Time Low’s “So Wrong, It’s Right” 2007 album which contains their “Dear Maria, Count Me In” hit. Some changes have been added though, as the figures can be seen holding mugs of beer.

If this doesn’t impress you or even make you chuckle a little bit, we honestly don’t know what else will.

There’s a story at the bottom of this (Beer Maria) can.

All Time Low, led by vocalist Alex Gaskarth, first announced the music-themed drink late last year. Other than the cans though, Full Time Brewing is also offering merchandise like shirts with the “Beer Maria” branding, something which greatly brought joy to the fans.

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Sadly though, the beverage is seemingly not available yet anywhere else other than Maryland – the hometown of both the band and the brewery. So for now, we can only silently laugh at the brilliance that is this marketing strategy. Also while we’re here, why not stream the All Time Low single that started all of this?

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What do you think of this article? Did you chuckle at the amazing pun that is the “Beer Maria”? Also, are you looking forward to also eventually trying out a healthy dose of the All Time Low-inspired beverage?

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