FEATURES: ‘Abominable’ teaches us a lot about home and family

Been away from your family for quite a while? ‘Abominable’ is sure to teach us a lot about home and family! Here’s why we think you should definitely watch this!

DreamWorld and Pearl Studio just released the official trailer for their new and upcoming movie called ‘Abominable’, and it’s here to teach us a very important lesson about family. While it’s titled as such, we can assure you that, from what we watched in the trailer, the film isn’t going to be anything abominable! Try to fight against welling up, because the trailer alone could be enough to make you cry. Check it out!


“Abominable” literally means something very bad or unpleasant. The word is used to denote something that is detestable or despicable. We’re not quite sure which of the characters the title is referencing in the film. But we took the liberty of doing some digging!

Based on the description of the trailer, the film is going to be about a young girl named Yi, who found a Yeti on her roof. She, along with two of her friends decide to take on the journey and return the yeti who they named Everest to its home and family. But in order to do that, they should be able to escape Burnish, an old, rich man who wants to possess a Yeti. Oh, and a Dr. Zara, too!

While the story might be focused on Yi trying to get Everest home, I think Everest’s story might be able to teach Yi a lesson or two about family. What’s clear is that Yi’s dad is out of the story, either dead or gone we’re not sure. He left Yi a violin which she loves to play because it reminded her of her dad telling her to never give up no matter how hard it gets. Yi is a typical teenager who never liked staying home with the family. Yi is seen to be able to grow things like flowers with her violin. I personally think that Yi would learn from Everest’s longing for family. She should treasure her own family and spend more time with them. But that’s just what I think. How about you?

Why you should watch the film

Do we still need to ask why? ‘Abominable is a family friendly movie, one that you can watch with kids with the right guidance. Everest is a character that kids will surely love. And we know it can only be some time until Everest toys come up!

That aside, Abominable is a culturally diverse film, having taken place in Shanghai and then traveling to the Himalayan snowscapes. It’s very exciting to see how DreamWorks would feature the Chinese culture (having a Chinese protagonist) and how it would affect the plot all in all. That, plus that fact that this is so superbly animated is definitely worth the time you’d spend watching the film!

‘Abominable’ will be showing in the US on September 27. We’re sure it wouldn’t be a long time ’till it’s out here! What did you think about the ‘Abominable’ trailer? Let us know on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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