Get a Glimpse of SB19 as Boyfriends for Valentine’s Day

If you are an A’TIN, we’re pretty sure that at some point, you imagined how it is like having SB19 as boyfriends. Well, daydream no more!

Because the other day was just Valentine’s Day, we’re pretty sure that you had your fair deal of “sana all” moments. Saw a friend get gifted with chocolates and flowers? Sana all! Stumbled upon a random tweet sharing the sweet love story of how a couple met? Sana all! Every sweet gesture you see online just really makes you say: “sana all!”

And then you quietly sigh and maybe think–if only you had someone, even just a fake boyfriend, to distract you from the fact that you are single just for the time being. Maybe just for the dreadful February 14.

Then suddenly, they arrive! Here comes your 5 knights in shining armor, your 5 P-pop stars who are burning like fire singing how they need you right now. Suddenly, the 5 members of SB19 are here and of course, when did they ever fail you? They heard that you are feeling lonely for Valentine’s so obviously, they came to the rescue.

But at a price, you should pick only one among 5 date choices. And even though we’re a little late to the party, just imagine it is still Feb. 14: which would you choose among the following?

Spend the day with your overly-concerned yet caring ‘Mahal’

If there’s one question that really does wonders because of how simple yet sweet it sounds, it would be “kumain ka na ba?” or “did you already eat?” Just the mere fact that your significant other is looking after your health means he really cares for you too.

Of course, you should also personally look after yourself. But hell, if you have a boyfriend like Stell who looks at you with genuine care and concern, that is when you know you’d hit the lottery. Here is a human being who is really taking your well-being into consideration, so for sure he is for keeps!

Take note too, the way he asked for your consent to a date, all the while holding flowers as he greeted you a Happy Valentine’s? That’s just so freakin’ precious.

So, do you choose Stell?

Make it spontaneous with your cute enthusiastic boyfriend

Let’s be honest, innocent adorable boys are somehow a rare breed. And yet, your boyfriend Justin shamelessly shows his true self. Of course, it leaves your heart beating fast every time.

Now that it’s Valentine’s Day though, he is extra sweet and honestly, you don’t know if you can take it. Even though a bit shy in asking you out, you can still see his enthusiasm in spending the day with you.

And if that doesn’t make you smile like a fool, we honestly don’t know what will.

Do you choose Justin?

Keep it intimately sweet with your thoughtful ‘Langga’

With his groggy voice and disoriented look, Ken is surely a boyfriend that effortlessly makes you kilig. The way he reminds you about simple things too while calling you “Langga” just shows how thoughtful and sweet he is.

By going on a date with him, you can expect a special gift and what’s more, he’s even planning on singing to you! Just thinking about that fact is exciting enough, imagine what more a complete date with him would be like.

Do you choose Ken?

Go on a movie date with your charismatic ‘Love’

If you have a boyfriend like Josh, we’re pretty sure you already feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Because really, it’s undeniable that there’s no one as charismatic as him. Also, can you just imagine going out with him, and to the movies?

With a simple date like that, it is undeniable that you would really enjoy your time together.

Do you choose Josh?

Keep it low-key and understand your busy yet inspirational ‘bae’

Of course, not every Valentine’s Day has to be overly romantic too. Sometimes, you have to spend the day being low-key, most especially when you and your partner have different priorities at the time.

Just like your bae Sejun who is the leader of the group says, you’ll have time to make it up to each other anyway. What’s important is you can see the active effort he is putting in. Plus he still thought of you as soon as he woke up! And gosh, isn’t he just darn cute with his “just woke up” face and endearing voice though?

So of course, you’ll let him off the hook. You know he’ll come through with his promises anyway. You can just make any other day Valentine’s again as long as you’re together.

Do you choose Sejun?

Thank you for the kilig and love, SB19!

On another more serious note though, we really appreciated this super simple yet really sweet gesture of SB19 for Valentine’s Day. Just the thought of them directly talking to us through a FaceTime call is sufficient enough to complete our whole day, tbh. But now that they’ve taken the time to bring us a Valentine’s Day greeting like no other, it seems that they really do care about their fans and what makes the A’TIN fandom happy.

SB19 as boyfriends is a kilig experience that we thought we would never get to see personally. But because they gave it to us directly, it seems like we are just falling for this charming and talented group even more.

How about you though? Hypothetically, who is the member that you would chose as your date? Also, how did you feel upon watching each of the SB19 members’ videos? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.

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