Spice up your weekend with our top 5 underrated Webtoon comics! Trust us, you’re gonna want to read them later!

In case you didn’t know, Webtoon or Webtoons are visual novels that originated from South Korea, much like Japanese manga but slightly better because of its colored aspectYou may have heard of ‘Cheese in The Trap’, ‘Love Alarm‘ or ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty‘⁠—all Webtoons that were all brought to life through film adaptations and became our favorite K-dramas!

So we’ve rounded up our favorite underrated Webtoon comics you can find at Line Webtoon for you to enjoy this coming weekend!

The Four of Them

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As the title suggests, ‘The Four Them’ revolves on high school best friends Johnny, Mariel, Gaby, and Martina. Catch them as they go through the reality of high school and get through their teenage years together. Despite the visuals being rough, the storyline of the story makes up for it. It’s a story that’s way too relatable not to read may it be getting dumped by your crush, coming out to your parents, or even learning that your sister is your biggest dating rival.


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‘Elena’ is a thriller Webtoon focusing on Carl and his misadventures to keep Elena. It’s a disturbing story of a psychopath who murders women and makes them his wife until he meets his match. Part of why we like it is because of its outrageously good visual and larger than life love story.

Distant Sky

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Okay, we’re so excited about this one. We’ll try not to give out spoilers as we can. ‘Distant Sky’ is not your typical story as it is set in the fictional world but gives true to life references of Korean cities. What we loved most about ‘Distant Sky’ is the way the story is told and spot-on portrayal of how the world would be when an apocalypse will come and destroy the world.


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All her life, Yun Ai wanted to be a magician when she was little after having encountered a real magician at a fair. But now how will she achieve her dream when she is faced with the adversities of a poor high school girl. Even more, can’t even afford new stockings? The unusuality of the story would make you keep on coming back for more. What are you waiting for?

Zero Game

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This action-packed Webtoon will leave you wanting more as you will be faced with many plot twists. ‘Zero Game’ follows the story of Hanna Yoo when her life completely changes when a mysterious email invites her to compete in Zero Game–a game where losing means death, but winning brings a big reward: the ability to reset your entire life and live it over again.

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