Sinulog can either turn into one hell of a fun weekend or a learning experience that will never make you want to go for a second round. The AfterParty team got the opportunity to experience Sinulog 2018 and we’ve narrowed down our top five tips for surviving the crazy weekend!

Sinulog 2018

Wear Plastic Boots

DEUCE at DEUCE LifeDance 2018

Heed this warning with your utmost attention–wear plastic boots. When someone tells you that the weekend will get muddy, believe them. Unfortunately some members of the AfterParty team thought it was a joke and got their sneakers covered in mud by the end of LifeDance 2018. Match your outfit with a pair of Dr. Martens or rain boots (Glastonbury Festival style!) for a worry-free night of partying.

Bring Plastic Shoe Covers

If you’re set on wearing your favorite pair of sneakers, at least bring plastic shoe covers, and bring a lot of them. The immense amount of mud may ruin your sneakers forever, so don’t let this ruin your weekend. These plastic shoe covers come both as disposables and for long-term use. While you’re at it, get the nondisposable covers and save the planet!

Stay in a Place With WiFi

Sinulog Grand Parade 2018

The internet has turned into a requirement when traveling out of town. You need to update your family, find out where your friends are staying, check out the must-eat restaurants in the area, and find out when the Grand Parade will be the closest to you. During Sinulog, Cebu’s cellular service for both SMART and Globe are shut down as per the Philippine National Police’s orders. Signal loss can last for as long 12 hours, so make sure you book a hotel room or an Airbnb with WiFi to avoid this inconvenience!

Buy Tickets Early

Tickets for LifeDance and Plus63 Music and Arts Festival are announced as early as three months prior Sinulog. If you wanna make the best out of experience, grab your festival tickets early! LifeDance and Plus63 Music and Arts Festival offer Early Bird and bundle tickets to suit your special needs, not to mention the fact that these babies sell like hotcakes. Keep your eyes peeled for their announcements around November!

Travel With the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline

You could have all these things prepared for Sinulog, but it could all go to waste if you don’t even have your flight tickets. Save yourself the misery of emptying your bank account on airfare and book with AirAsia! They’ve got fun-filled booths all around the city, free airport transfers to key locations, a beautiful float during the grand parade, and exclusive partner discounts and free flights for AirAsia guests. What more could you ask for?

Have the best and hassle-free Sinulog Weekend experience by following these tips. Viva Pit Senyor, and see you next year! #AirAsiaInCebu #ChasingWonders #AirAsiaInSinulog

U DO U images taken by Simon Vigan

Sinulog Grand Parade and featured image taken by Michael Angelo Tagudin Macapagal