5 things you could do with your money instead of buying an iPhone 11

Second-guessing whether you should buy an iPhone 11? Here are some things you can buy instead!

After the US release of the iPhone 11 in September, this much-awaited phone will be out in Philippine stores on October 25th! Yaaas. We all know you’re excited but let’s take a look at what other things you can do with your money instead of buying this overpriced phone.

The iPhone 11 will be priced at P47,990 (64 GB), P50,990 (128 GB), and P56,990 (256 GB). The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, will cost you P67,990 (64 GB), P76,990 (256 GB), and P89,990 (512 GB). Finally, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be priced at P73,990 (64 GB), P82,990 (256 GB), and P95,990 (512 GB).

We will use the price of the iPhone 11 Pro Max (512 GB) at P95,990 as the basis of our comparison, being it the most expensive.

One month living expense


Almost 100k pesos worth of living expense for only one month?! Yes way! And it’s more than enough! Considering the low cost of living in the country, you can easily find a nice place, have enough food, and other additional expenses within this budget.



Or if you’re thinking of putting your money into better use why not try to investments? This way, you can buy not one but two iPhones in the future! Kidding aside, you can buy stocks or invest in businesses so that you can increase your assets!

One semester in college


We all know the surge of school fees in the coming years, amounting to almost 90k pesos a semester.  So why not put your money into good use for your kids or your college fund? Remember, educational is far greater than any material thing in this world.

Family trip to Palawan


How about taking your whole family on a four-days-three-nights trip to Palawan? Sign us up, please! It’s definitely a good expense of your money because you’ll be able to finally spend some time with your family. iPhone what? Roundtrip ticket prices usually cost about PHP3000+ plus you can look for hotels to stay in through Airbnb so that’ll be a lot cheaper!

Downpayment on a car


Been meaning to buy that dream car of yours? Well, with that amount of money, you can finally pay for the downpayment! You can even use the car to earn more profit by signing up as a Grab driver! Think of the possibilities!  A Honda CR-V 2.0 V AT usually has a low downpayment of P73,000.

With so many other things to buy, is it really worth to spend your money on this one phone when you can have much more? It makes you think whether the iPhone 11 is one hell of a phone but really, it’s not. If you find hard enough, there will be phones that are on par with this. But why do we still rave on this overpriced product? Maybe it’s partially because of the overrated hype people tend to give it, resulting in others being influenced to buy it as well.

But then again, if you can afford the iPhone 11 and still have enough funds for these other things, feel free to do so! But for us, we’re definitely taking that downpayment on a car! Sayonara, iPhone 11!

How about you? Will you be buying an iPhone 11 or not? Or will you be using your money on the things listed above instead? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and questions down below! Or you can hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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