We have one of the most scorching summers – which is a blessing and a curse. In the perfect world, a scorching summer would mean a weekend at the beach, followed by the evening at a resort and a weekend well spent. But not everyone has that kind of freedom – even when the pandemic was not part of our life. So, there are chances that you end up spending time in the summer, sweltering at home and outside. But fret not, there’s still chances  that you might enjoy this summer with these tips:

5 Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

  • Hydrate

The first thing that you need to do is keep a bottle of water handy. Whether you are off the mall or for a haircut or just to meet your friends – keep water handy.  Many businesses have water faucets, that you can refill your water bottle at. It might get expensive to buy a bottle of water whenever you feel thirsty – so, keep a water bottle with you.

  • Decide on your wardrobe

Like how you have a wardrobe for the rainy season, where most of your clothes are waterproof, and you have 3/4ths and comfortable sandals, you should have something planned for the summer as well. Make sure that you have a lot of light, bright colored t-shirts and bottoms. One incredible accessory that you cannot do without in the scorchign summer is a cap. If you are someone who has to make short trips all the time during the summer, make sure you buy a couple. You will be surprised about how cool your head turns up to be even if you are going out on a daily basis.

  • Have fruits

Some fruits are not good during the summers, even though they are seasonal fruits. But, some are best available and consumed during this season. One of the best frutis are ice apples, water melon and basically any citrus fruit that you can get your hands on.

More Tips to Keep Cool This Summer:

  • Ventilate Your House

In the summer, everyone wants an air conditioner. But before you do that, you can save some money by properly ventilating your house. Make sure that you have enough windows and they give you the proper breeze. Put some plants in the rooms, as they are work well to dip the temperature of the room. These are several house tips will make the summer easier for you.

  • Time Your Outings

In the summer, heatstrokes are notoriously common. Even if you don’t suffer a heatstroke, there’s every chance that you will have headache, dehydration and other such weaknesses the moment you reach home. So, the best way out is to ensure that you move out of the house only when the temperature has dipped and the sun isn’t over the head.