Your laptop is a strong electronic device – both in terms of software and hardware. However, you still need to ensure that you keep it in good health, both with the software and the hardware. A typical laptop should work well for more than three years. After that, you might need to change the laptop, upgrade it to a certain extent and such aspects. While a laptop gives about three years of service, you can increase this timeline with a little bit of extra steps and care.

Here’s a list of the top laptop management tricks

Invest in an antivirus program

You will find several antivirus programs, and you should invest in one that gives you complete protection. Remember, your laptop will access the Internet and you can never be sure about which website has some malware or trojan or virus that’s ready to spring a surprise to your operating system.

Keep Updating Your Drivers

Drivers are the soul of the hardware that runs your laptop. You can upate these drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website or any of the aggregators websites. In some cases, Windows will offer these drivers as a Windows Update, particularly the ones to do with graphics and sound.

Don’t Install Software You Don’t Trust

The Internet is the best place to chill and get work done, but also the infamous for being the hub of scams and people who run cons. Fake software, software that are fronts for virus and other such harmful software are available dime a dozen. So, make sure that you know what kind of software you are downloading.

Don’t Delete Your Operating System

Most modern laptops come with an operating system. So, you don’t need to invest in getting another one. Yes, the operating system is a bit stripped down. However, there’s a limited percent of people who have wanted more services, functions and features in their laptop.

Experiment with your laptop, but only a little bit

If you are up for experimenting with your laptop, great. Look at all the tools that your manfuacturer has provided you with, go through the manual and material on the Internet. But don’t do all this by yourself. Make sure that whatever you do has a reset point. Otherwise, you will end up with a brick – one of the most expensive ones you have ever bought.

These are some of the aspects that you can keep in mind while using your new laptop, or even the old one. Many manufacturers offer you a three to five year warranty on the device – so know how to make use of it.

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