Apparently, netizens are going crazy over the news our favorite Webtoon, ‘True Beauty’, will be having a K-drama! And they want Jisoo and Cha Eun-woo to star in it!

2019 has been a year full of exciting news! And one of these is the announcement that the famous Korean Webtoon novel, ‘True Beauty’ is slated to have its own K-drama series. Yes, you heard that right! And the lead many fans are wanting to see together is none other than BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo.

So we’ve listed down 5 reasons why they’re the perfect celebrities to star in the upcoming drama, ‘True Beauty’!

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But first, you’re probably wondering what’s this acclaimed Webtoon is about? Well, ‘True Beauty’ follows the story of Jugyeong, a shy, comic fanatic high school girl. Being part of the group of girls who weren’t blessed with physical beauty, she masters the art of make-up and becomes her school’s prettiest pretty girl overnight. Watch her as she keeps her status being the school’s goddess beauty. And on the side, how will her love story with the hottest guy school progress?

#1  Spot on resemblance to the characters

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Need we say more?! Both of them have a striking resemblance to both the main characters.

#2 Cha Eun-woo fits the distant & coldhearted role

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Ju Gyung’s main love interest Suho is a tall and dashing student who has a bit of harsh attitude when it comes to women. And if Cha Eun-woo comes to portray Suho it won’t be exactly new to this role since he played Kyung Seok in ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ your above-average guy who has the looks and the money.

But he also charms us with his golden heart when he falls in love with Mi-Rae, despite her “plastic surgery” appearance. And that kind of plot isn’t far from the story of ‘True Beauty’.


#3 One true pairing

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We can already see it Jisoo and Cha Eun-woo on the television screen! With both of their charm at hand expect a series full of sweet moments.

#4 Jisoo closely fits Jugyeong’s personality

If you’ve seen Jisoo on-and-off cam you probably know how sweet and bubbly she is. And that makes her perfect for the role of Jugyeong! It won’t be like she’s acting, she can be the way she’s always been, am I right?

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#5 They’re the personal choice of the artist

So the author of ‘True Beauty’ has already made it clear which artists she wants for the role of Jugyeong and Suha. And what good luck it is since it’s none other than Jisoo and Cha Eun-woo!

Are you excited about the upcoming ‘True’ Beauty K-drama? What do you think of the possibility of Jisoo and Cha Eun-woo starring together in the series? And do you agree with us that they’re the perfect pair to assume the roles? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and questions down below!

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