The horror genre is one of the most popular and successful genres in Asia and all over the world. Every country in the continent has a robust presence in the horror genre. In the same manner, there are several Filipino horror movies that have broken records and won the hearts of the audience. In this list, we look at…

The Top 5 Filipino Horror Movies

  • Banal

Banal is a Filipino horror movie that released in 2019. It tells the story of a group of youngsters who decide to take a trek to a mountain that people think is haunted. Banal is famous for its gory death scenes, an eerie atmosphere that exists from end to end. The movie makes complete use of its premise, a haunted mountain, a haunted forest, so on and so forth. The young cast does an excellent job of bringing this terrific story to life. There’s a love story, there’s a haunted cave, and a forest that’s out to get anyone who decides to come in.

  • Sunod

Sunod is a 2019 horror movie that took the Pinoy horror fans by surprise. The movie does an excellent job of marrying an emotional concept with a horror one. A single mother who has to look for her daughter’s cure joins a call center for a job, but she soon finds out that the call center has a ghost that haunts it. Sunod is one of the few movies with a great concept and a screen play that keeps the audience enthralled all through.

  •  Kuwaresma 

Kuwareshma is a Filipino horror movie that hit the theaters in 2019. The movie is about a young man who comes to reconcile with his family after the death of his twin sister. However, the family is silent about the reason behind his sister’s death. It is now up to him to find out why his sister died and what is the reason that his family is so secretive about.

More top Filipino Horror Movies

  • Aswang

Aswang is a 2011 movie thats talks about the unique Filipino character, Awang, the mythological character who supposedly preys on women. The film made about P40 millio throughout its entire run.

  • Eerie

Eerie is a pathbreaking Filipino horror film that’s about the mysterious death of a young girl in an exclusive Academy for girls. The movie was a smash hit and raked in about P40 million in four days. The unique concept and some fantastic performances made for a movie that the audience loved.