There are only a few months left until the year ends but it’s not too late to watch these 5 anime series from 2019! Check them out here:

2019 has been a great year full of fun anime surprises! And in turn, we got to witness wonderful creations such as Makoto Shinkai’s highly acclaimed ‘Weathering With You‘, ‘One Piece: Stampede’ movie, the season finale of ‘Attack on Titan 3’, and so much more! With the number of great animes out there, it’s so hard to watch all of them. But don’t worry too much about because we’ve rounded up some 2019 anime series you need to watch to end your year with a BANG!

#1 Dr. Stone

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Release date: Jul 5, 2019

‘Dr. Stone’ focuses on Taiju Ooki just as he finally found the guts to confess to his high school crush. But as he was doing so, a mysterious green light beamed at the Earth and petrified mankind—turning every single human into stone.

After a few years later, Taiju, together with his science-loving friend, Senkuu, suddenly awakens in a world of statues. And from there, the two sets on a journey to revive everyone. All the while, uncovering the secret behind mankind’s petrification.

#2 Wasteful Days of High School Girls

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Release date: July 5, 2019

Drown yourself with intense foolishness by watching ‘Wasteful Days of High School Girls’. This anime series centers on three high school girls namely, Tanaka the “Idiot”, as she always has the lowest test score, Kikuchi, nicknamed “Ota” for her obsession with yaoi (boy love) stories, and Saginomiya, “Robot” for being an emotionless genius.

#3 Seven Deadly Sins Season 3

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Release date: October 3, 2019

‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ follows the adventures of the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, Elizabeth, after her family was put out of power by the Holy Knights of Britannia. She then seeks the power of the Seven Deadly Sins to help her get back the throne to its rightful owners. Needless to say, you should keep a lookout for the third season of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ with its action-packed story.

#4 Vinland Saga

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Release date: July 8, 2019

Based on a manga series, ‘Vinland Saga’ is set on the era wherein Vikings prevailed over England. The anime series is mainly about Young Thorfinn as he seeks revenge for his father who was murdered by Askeladd. This historical epic is one truly worth watching because of its amazing storyline and well-paced production.

#5 Psycho-Pass 3

Release date: October 2019

Any legit ‘Psycho-Pass’ fan would be excited to see ‘Psycho-Pass Season 3’ since it’ll focus on the story of the new character, Arata Shindou, alongside returning character Kei Mikhail Ignatov on how these two new watchmen reform the sibyl-governed world.

So what are you waiting for? There are only a few months left till the new year so better hurry up and catch these anime. For sure, 2020 already has a lot of great anime series in store. So it’s better to watch the great ones 2019 already had while they last! If you liked this article, make sure to stay updated here on U Do U!

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