Valentine’s Day is really nothing but a Hallmark holiday, but we humans have really taken it to heart. If you’re happy celebrating it with a significant other then that’s great; if you’re not, well, this is for you.

“In Tongues” – Joji

Many know Joji for his viral shenanigans as Filthy Frank/Pink Guy, but “In Tongues” explores the more serious side of his musicality. His desire to be more than just a guy “yelling on the internet, making semi valid points here and there,” brings a more toned down atmosphere accompanied by sorrowful lyrics about heartbreak. The Joji brand of humor still stands out (check out “Bitter Fuck”) from the sadness, but this mature side of the creative genius is something to look forward to.

Favorite track: “Demons”

“Mata Ne” – Ayumu

The side project of producer/MC NINNO, “Mata Ne” became his musical purge after dumping his supposed sophomore album. He draws from his own experiences and manages to encapsulate the lowest of lows in a span of five tracks. The use of lyrics is minimal, but the repetition of the few lines in each song is more than enough to get your emotions all riled up.

Favorite track: “Replace You (We’re Undone)”

“New Skin For The Old Ceremony” – Leonard Cohen

Melt into the arms of the late Leonard Cohen as he croons you with his memorable songwriting. The album takes you on a journey from rock bottom, starting off with “Is This What You Wanted” and the popular “Chelsea Hotel #2” to remind you of all the hurt. As the final track comes to play, you can scream the final lines of “Leaving Green Sleeves” along with Cohen for a satisfactory emotional release.

Favorite track: “Chelsea Hotel #2”

“Currents” – Tame Impala

Unarguably one of the best breakup albums of the decade, “Currents” was inspired by Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker’s breakup with Melody Prochet. His examinations as the instigator of their breakup translates to the album’s themes of guilt and self-questioning. The end of their relationship also persuaded Parker to tackle the angle of growth, thus naming the album “Currents”. He explains the definition as, “These unstoppable forces; the parts of you that are trying to change you.”

Favorite track: “Past Life”

“Sea Change” – Beck

This last one is an oldie but a goodie. The album’s opening track will immediately hit you hard with Beck’s honest and relatable lyricism. He cites his breakup with a long-time girlfriend as record’s major influence, directing it away from his typical experimental sound. This transition proved well with fans and critics alike as he garnered Rolling Stone’s best album of 2002 and a spot on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 best albums of the 2000s.

Favorite track: “The Golden Age”

Set those emotions free and cry it out! Honestly, this will be good for you.

Featured image from Silver Soundz

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