Good news for 2NE1 fans out there! Park Bom teases a collaboration with Sandara Park in her comeback single, Spring.

After almost 8 years of being in a hiatus, 2NE1’s former member Park Bom announces her much-awaited comeback. But what’s more is that Park Bom will be joined by fellow 2NE1 member Sandara Park in her comeback single, Spring! It might not be the whole 2NE1 gang, but their collaboration will surely bring us back to the good old days.

In Park Bom’s recent Instagram post, she shared a teaser poster for Spring. Along with it is the announcement that it is now available for pre-order in all digital platforms. In addition to that, she also released a video teaser for Spring. The 27-second video clip featured Bom’s alluring vocals and the visuals we will be seeing in her comeback track. Spring will be released under her new label, D-NATION and produced by Brave Brothers.

The acclaimed producers revealed that Spring is a R&B mid-tempo song that will highlight a different side of the singer. Just by basing it from the track’s title, we can expect that this will be a new blooming opportunity for Park Bom herself. After the confirmation of Sandara’s involvement in Spring, she’d already commented about it. According to recent reports, Dara herself got teary-eyed because of the song.

Park Bom’s music was last heard of 8 years ago. And that was after her 2011 track, Don’t Cry. But even though it’s been so long since we’ve heard of her, we can’t expect less from Park Bom. Like we always say, once a legend, always a legend.

So far, Spring‘s underway into its final stages of preparation. D-NATION will release Spring on March 13. Pre-orders for Spring can be made through Yes24, Hottracks, Interpark, Bandi and Luni’s, and Aladin. So be sure to stay tuned!

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