Before Netflix, there were Fantasy Teleseryes for us 20-something-year-olds back then!

Fantasy Teleseryes, also known as Fantaseryes, are all we had when the clock struck 8. Before, there was no Netflix, quick access to YouTube and other digital streaming platforms. So if we wanted to watch TV, we had to watch what our parents were watching– which is obviously the Teleseryes that aired at primetime slots. And if you grew up with one television set in your house, you probably had to sit with your parents as they watched their favorite TV shows.

Good thing is that TV stations during that time produced a lot of fantasy genre teleseryes. During the early 2000s, fantaseryes were all over TV stations which started the rise of the genre in primetime television. During these years, good TV shows were made, not that today’s TV shows are bad but there was more variety than drama. And whether you admit or not, I know we all had a good time watching those shows as a kid. Maybe even wanted to be like them. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back at some fantasy teleseryes that we loved and watched as kids!

Mulawin (2004)

Mulawin is one of the first successful fantaseryes during the 2000s. It is also accompanied by one of the classic songs released in 2000s, Ikaw Nga by South border. Pretty nostalgic, right? The story follows the life of Aquiluz and Alwina. It is a story about the race of Mulawin’s (the good ones) and the race of Ravena’s (the bad ones) who are winged humanoids. Mulawin’s duty is to protect the mortals from the wrath of the Ravena’s. 


Darna (2005)

Of course, who could forget the Darna of our generation? If our parents had Vilma Santos, we had Angel Locsin for Darna! We also had Marian Rivera later in 2009. The two played an iconic role that eventually cemented their legacy as an actress. The two installments also share some identical storylines. Darna is a classic character is from Mars Ravelo. The story follows the life of Narda who discovers a white stone that fell from Aio ships after Braguda disabled her ship. Aio entrusts the stone to Narda. After 8 years, Aio talks to her and tells her that she is the sole inheritor of the stone and will be the protector of the earth.


Ang Panday (2005)

Panday is a Carlo J. Caparas classic that was first adopted into film in the 1980’s which is starred by Da King, Fernando Poe Jr. The TV show was starred by Jericho Rosales and had 2 installments with the second installment launched on 2006. The story revolves around Fabio a Blacksmith in their town. He was able to pull out of a dagger from the meteor. Every time he wields the dagger, it transforms into a mighty sword and uses it to fight evil forces that try to invade their town.


Encantadia (2005)

A well-known Fantaserye and has been dubbed as one of the most ambitious and most expensive production during their time. Encatadia follows the story of the four kingdoms Adamya, Sapiro, Lireo, and Hathoria. Each kingdom protects a gemstone that puts balance to their world. All goes down when the kingdom, of Hathoria plans to harness all the stone to rule their kingdom. The three sisters Amihan, Alena, and Dayana then join forces to persuade their sister Pirena to stop their plan in invading the kingdom.


Captain Barbell (2006)

Captain Barbell is a fictional character by Mars Ravelo who also is the creator of some known Filipino Fictional characters like Darna, Dyesebel, Lastikman, and many more. Captain Barbell was one of the shows that I heavily watched when I was a kid. Never missed an episode. In this adaptation, it follows the story of Teng who was adopted without any complete background about his past and was always bullied. One night, he was beaten in a junkyard and discovers a powerful barbell that turns him into a powerful superhero which led to the existence of Captain Barbell!


Kokey (2007)

Korekoreuk! Kokey was first launched as a film in 1997. It was later then adapted into a fantaserye in 2007. He is adorable, yes but as a kid, I remembered being weirded by Kokey. But as I watched it, I slowly liked the show. It is a story about a lovable alien, Kokey who came from planet Yekok and crash-landed on Earth his ship. He then becomes friends with Bong an adopted son of the Calugdan family. Bong together with his sister Anna and Abbie an aspiring pilot helps Kokey fix his ship and find for the lost crystal before Korokoy, the enemy of Kokey finds it first.


Kung Fu Kids (2008)

Who did not want to be one of the Kung Fu Kids when they were little, right? Fighting the imaginary forces that you play with as a kid trying to save our imaginary world. It is a little weird thinking about it now, but it was such a simpler time. Kung Fu Kids follows the story of Lembot and his friends in their journey in saving their loved ones from evil while leaving a life as a child. Each of them possesses its own ability and train under the leadership of Master Krung-Krung.


What was your favorite Fantaserye?

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