Incorporating a genre-less approach, Ysanygo strives to let us see the good side of life through music! Take a look at what started it all!

Ysanygo is a genre-less duo consisting of siblings Ynigo and Ysabel Ferraz, and they have been active for just over a year now. In that short period, the siblings have shown us great music with chill vibes. In 2016, close friend Popoy de la Cruz asked them to perform for an event, and that’s when they started making music together. Read through to find out what else we learned through an exclusive interview with them in Music Dive! Check out our fun talk and hilarious chubby bunny game with a twist with the sibling duo here:



I think it would be pretty obvious by now why the duo was called Ysanygo. What’s special about this duo is that they are not mere bandmates, they are actually siblings living under the same roof, with the shared love for music that fueled their songs.

When asked about how they started their career in music, the duo shared that it actually started with a songwriting composition that Ysa joined. Needing a track to back the lyrics she wrote, she asked her brother, Ygo, who incidentally had a track he produced over a year ago. You know what happened next: they fused the lyrics and the track together, and ‘Imprinted’ was created. If you’re curious about what a simple fusion would create, take a look at this music video!


They didn’t win the competition, but they won at something better! This is what kickstarted their career as musicians when they decided to upload the song on Spotify.

On making music as siblings

Ygo shared that making music has been very easy for the two of them because they are siblings. When one of them has an idea, all they had to do was knock on each other’s doors, and voila, a song is made.

Ysa and Ygo bond on music, and it is one of the things that keep them closer as siblings and as a duo. The siblings even joked that they used to just tease each other. But now it’s music and teasing each other, which is the ultimate bonding experience.

As artists

As much as they are siblings, they are artists, too. And sometimes, their ideas clash, but it’s nothing that couldn’t be solved with compromise. The good thing about Ysanygo is that they recognize each others’ strengths, and they compliment each other. Ygo sees Ysa’s vocals and lyric writing as her strengths, which he then compliments with his sharp ear and his tracks. One would not be complete without the other, and I think that’s what makes their songs so beautiful.

Same influences

Mostly, the siblings have a shared music influence, too. This makes producing songs easier for them. Individually, Ygo considers his influence to be Tom Misch, because he’s “extra groovy”, while Ysa’s is Lauryn Hill. They see the similarities in their musical influences as the best thing about working together for their music, aside from living under the same roof. But to be honest, we also think that just that factor alone eliminates a lot of small problems that go into creating a song!

As students

Not only are they musicians, but they also make sure not to compromise their studies. Don’t you think that’s a great thing? Ysa and Ygo work on what they have to do while also working on doing what they love. If you’re wondering how they are able to juggle their career in music and studying, the answer is pretty simple. They only schedule gigs on the weekends! During the weekdays, the siblings try their best to get their school works done first so they can focus on music after that. It’s all about time management.

On music

The main aim of Ysanygo’s music is to empower. Ysa and Ygo draw inspiration from other people’s stories and they put themselves in their shoes. What comes out is a whole new perspective on the experience itself. “Music is an escape from everything dark in this world,” Ygo says. And we couldn’t agree more! How many times have we felt sad and turned to music for solace? I couldn’t count for myself. For most of us, music is there when no one else is. To Ysa, music is how she destresses. It is also her form of expression, a reason she doesn’t have to keep everything bottled up inside. It is all things nice.

We think that this is precisely what drove the siblings to make a career out of music. It is one of the things Ygo is good at, and he figured he might as well use his talent for something. Ysa, on the other hand, always saw herself as a singer, but got into architecture because of the stigma on the arts. Which is sad, really. Most of the people I know would tell me that there is no future in art. This is the reason most of us feel compelled to pursue something of a technicality. But to Ysa, architecture isn’t a bad thing, too. She just realized when they started their musical careers that her dream as a five-year-old was finally coming true!

Even in an Alternate Universe

Not many of us knew this, but Ysanygo’s music is fairly family-centric. They pay a lot of respect to their parents and family in their songs, and their latest single, ‘Even in an Alternate Universe‘, is one of those types of songs. They actually wrote this song for their parents! It is just fitting because the song talks about holding each other’s hands through rough times. It is about a kind of “love that transcends time and space.” Don’t you think that’s adorable? We sure do!

They are about to upload and produce more songs this year, and we can’t wait to listen to all of them! Ysanygo believes that one should never stop creating. Music has taken them far already, and they are just this young! Who knows what it can do for other aspiring artists out there? A piece of advice from Ysa: when an idea pops into your head, write it down right away. And we’re all taking notes!

Ysanygo has definitely set the bar high when it comes to creating music and being artists in general, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store! Do you also think it’s important to love your craft as Ysa and Ygo do? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.