Hitting us with a new groovy sound, Ysanygo shares with us two of their favorite original songs and the inspiration behind them. Check out Ysanygo’s performances here on Music Dive!

Incorporating a genre-less approach, Ysanygo has slowly but surely cemented their place in the music scene. The duo is made up of Ysabel and Ynigo Ferraz. They have only been active for over a year, but in that short time, they have already graced us with songs that fill our souls while also delighting our ears listening to them. In an exclusive interview, the duo shared that they actually started making music after Ysa had joined a songwriting contest. She had the lyrics, but she needed something to back it up. Ygo, n the other hand, incidentally had a track that he made a year ago. It’s a very random start, but a beautiful one nonetheless. It was like the two were made to complete each other’s weaknesses to make their way to success! And it’s a long way, but they sure are on the road.

Fun fact: Ysa and Ygo are actually siblings. The family ties are evident and very much present in the music that they created and are still creating! Most of their songs were inspired by their parents and their family in general. The sibling duo even joked that their parents will always be their greatest influence and their best fans! Needless to say, it only proves that you can always create great things when you draw inspiration from the right things and when you have the undeniable talent and the guts like Ysanygo.

Even In An Alternate Universe

Are we in it for the long run

Are you in it with me

Even in an alternate universe

We’d still be hand in hand

Even In An Alternate Universe‘ talks about being so sure about a person that you can believe in still being together even in an alternate universe. The song talks a lot about “holding each other’s hands through rough times,” and being in it for the long run.

As much as we think this is a romantic love song, it appears the duo did not write this for about romantic partners at all. In an exclusive interview, Ysa and Ygo revealed that they actually wrote this song or and about their parents, which makes sense, considering how young they are. It’s pretty nice seeing young people being young. So many young artists try to grow up so fast these times, so it’s refreshing to see the family value in the writing.

Fading To Black

Tell me why we’re fading to black
Is there something we lack?
What can we do
To get our time back?

‘Fading To Black’ is a much mellower song than the first. But it did not display the duo’s musical talent any less. With a slower pace, the song talks about the confusion of not knowing why a relationship is ending the way it is. Somehow, the chill vibe of the song contrasts the message it is trying to communicate. You know when you’ve been going okay and you think that the relationship would last, not expecting things to go south? We’re not even talking about just romantic relationships, it could be an end to a good friendship or whatnot. And we can see that in the way the lyrics were written.

Ysanygo sounds great performing live, and their Music Dive performances we’re out of the ordinary! But, of course, Ysanygo still has more to offer! You can stream their songs on Spotify, too!

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