Living up to her name, Angel Locsin shows the world that you don’t need to dress up fancy to share your blessings.

Every year, everyone waits for the ABS-CBN Ball just to see who was best dressed among our favorite local celebrities. But shockingly, Angel Locsin‘s absence in the previous 2019 ABS-CBN Ball became the talk of the town. Apparently, the actress skipped the most anticipated annual gathering to raise charity awareness in her own way. Instead of attending the ball, she directly donated her share to Bantay Bata 163.

2019 ABS-CBN Ball

The ABS-CBN Ball or formerly known as the Star Magic Ball has been a tradition within the network. The yearly event brings together most of ABS-CBN’s sought-after stars and talents in one splendid and luxurious night. And this year’s theme was “Modern Filipiniana” that coincides with the network’s 65th Anniversary. But the ABS-CBN doesn’t just happen for the fashion, the publicity, and limelight.

In case you didn’t know, the ABS-CBN Ball isn’t just all about the fancy outfits, prestigious red carpet, and luxury. For some, all we see are the celebrities showing off their red carpet-worthy gowns and suits. But behind the movement is the goal to promote awareness on their chosen charity. Expenses of celebrities are then donated to their beneficiary. And this year, it’s all about Bantay Bata 163 and awareness on children’s right.

As for me, I decided to do my share in a way that I could probably be more of use. I think it would be better for me to donate directly to Bantay Bata the amount that I’m supposed to spend in the ball. It’s not much, but will help make a difference to someone else’s life.

– Angel Locsin on her absence at the 2019 ABS-CBN Ball

Almost every ABS-CBN celebrity arrived. Almost everyone but one. Unlike her peers, Angel Locsin decided to skip the formalities. And instead, go out of her way to show how she cares for the kids. In an Instagram post, she explained her side and why she skipped the ball entirely.

While it made us miss her possible “Modern Filipiniana” look, everyone found her decision practical and humble. It goes to show that the actress doesn’t need overblown promotion to share what she can. I guess you don’t really need to tell the world how good you are to society. Truly, an angel in disguise.

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